MD PD foil "JOKER" shooting spree

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by dwcfastrice, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Lol atleast his shirt said it all.

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    I heard he had a black-assault-rapid fire-sawed off-machinegun with a high-tech scope that can snipe people out to 2000 meters:rolleyes:
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    They said he had fully automatic weapons on the radio here.

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    Media Definitions and Rules for Reporting Stories Relating to Firearms:

    1) If you have more than 2 guns, you have an arsenal.
    2) If you have more than 10 rounds in your possession, you have a stockpile (presumably for nefarious purposes).
    3) "Police said he also had high powered scopes and magazines and thousands of rounds of ammunition..." If you break this sentence apart, "Police said he also had magazines..." He had magazines! And bullets to put into them! And the scopes, they were high powered!

    That said, this guy probably deserves the hassle for making stupid comments such as he did. Free speech is not my intended debate: just because you can, doesn't mean you should, and if you want to behave like a jackass, your words and actions effect consequences.
  6. None of these jokers is the least bit comfortable with firearms. They barely know what end the round comes out of yet love to use words that sound bad to an audience that is almost as clueless as they are. It would be like me trying to describe fashion at a gay pride parade.
  7. This won't be a rally case for the anti-gun crowd. Why? Because there's no body count in this story, just some dude who lost a job.