Man Shoots Self (aka how stupid can one get)

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    That's one of the things that annoys me about our gun shows. You either have to clear it and zip tie to bring it in, or you have to leave it in the car. If I were a bad guy looking for a gun, a gun show parking lot might be a good place to check out.

    I leave mine in a car safe. Not perfect, but better than nothing and it eliminates the need to unload and reload when I get back to the car. I also make a point of parking as close as possible and in a highly visible area, rather than out in the "back 40" or somewhere around a corner, etc.

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    Wow... I guess I understand why they have all the guns ziptied at gun shows lol. These people are so dumb...
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    And it's not just visitors, it's careless vendors as well.

    The last 2 incidents of ND at a gunshow here in town both occured inside the gunshow, both by a dealer showing a gun. Thankfully, in both cases, the rounds went in a safe direction. About 8 years ago (or so), we used to have a big outdoor (tented) gunshow at Boomtown Casino (ironically, right next to them now is Cablelas, and both are less than 10 minutes drive from the Califronia border) that gunshow, a dealer had a ND with a shotgun, and there were injuries. Boomtown no longer hosts gunshows on their property.
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    You think he would have learned his lesson the first time... :D

    If he hadn't had to ziptie it, it wouldn't have been unloaded, he wouldn't have had to have reloaded it.... Just saying...
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    Darwinism at it's best...
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    That doesn't surprise me a bit. This world is chock full of idiots, DA's Dee Dee Dee's and various other forms of stupidity. My town seems to be infested with it and I witness it on an almost daily basis.

    The dealership where I work built an express carwash about a year ago for the techs to run the cars through after servicing them as a "nice thing to do" for the customers. The wash has been open to customers (to run their own cars through if they wish) and we even installed an electric gate with a keypad to keep just anyone from going in. We had to start changing the key code weekly because the Toyota dealership down the road found out the code and was telling their customers that they could use OUR carwash anytime they wanted.
    In all this time, the carwash has only been open when the service department is open which is Monday thru Saturday from 8am to 5pm.
    It gets worse...................Last Sunday, some lady decided she was going to get her car washed. Dealership is closed, nobody around and the roll up doors on both ends of the carwash are also closed. Common sense would tell most people that the wash is closed but nooooooooooo. She puts in the code, pulls up under the now open "metal gate" and proceeds to try to raise the "motor driven" roll up door to get in. The gate stays up about 20 seconds then comes down. It came down on her car and put a nice sized dent in the roof of her car.
    She tried to blame us by saying that someone told her the wash was open 24/7 and that we should pay to repair her car...........despite the sign by the keypad that states "Heritage is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle".
    So now.........we had to paint "CLOSED" in huge letters on the roll up door so that just maybe, this won't happen again.
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    Some people are to stupid to live. Natural selection at it's best.
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    The real sad thing is most of these "idiots" are the ones who are so easily swayed by the politicians who say whatever to get their vote, which is why we keep ending up flip flopping back and forth between the "same" party! Wink!
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    Sorry not meant to hijack and turn political, ignore and carry on, please.
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    If he wasn't such a diptard he wouldn't have shot himself whether or not his gun was loaded or he was reloading it lol.
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    I went to a gun show here in Augusta this weekend. I told someone about it and they mentioned that someone in Savannah had shot themselves. I told them "that was months ago!" they said no it was this weekend. Then I realized it was two separate NDs. WOW!
  13. Couldnt agree more... unfortunately this tool missed. Headshot FTW!!!
  14. As a side note... what will happen to this guy? Illegal discharge of a firearm?
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    As they say, "Shoot Happens."
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    Unfortunately these AD's occur much more often than people think. It recently happened in my area when a woman was trying to enter the show and was CCing her purse gun. She was asked, by security, to clear her gun and check it in. She got so rattled she pumped two rounds in to the ceiling.
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    The limit of stupidity remains undefined. There seem to be legions of morons devoted to reaching new heights.
  18. Yep happens check this guys I remember this guy from a Glock vid a while back I was like dang lol scarry he was lucky he had fmj's and not hollow points!!!! [ame][/ame]
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