Man dies after gun discharged

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    CLARKSVILLE, TN (WSMV)—An autopsy is under way on a Clarksville man who died after a gun went off at an apartment Saturday afternoon.

    According to police, officers responded to a call for shots fired at an apartment on South 3rd Street.

    When police arrived, they found Gregory Erik Premus, 28, inside an apartment with a gunshot wound to his torso.

    Paramedics transported Premus to Gateway Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, police said.

    Investigators said their preliminary findings indicate that Premus and his friend, Robert Alan Brown, 30, were handling a loaded handgun when the firearm inadvertently discharged and hit Premus.

    Premus was transported to Nashville for an autopsy.

    Police said no charges have been filed, however they add that the investigation is ongoing.

  3. Agree with the safety endorsements, but refraining from claiming that alcohol was involved. Not being there and not seeing any mention of alcohol in the article keeps me from making assumptions.
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    Perhaps no alcohol but there was apparently an over indulgence in stupidity. This is no different than the guy who died trying to collect a 5 dollar bet that he could swim the flooded river.
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    And how did you come by that information?
    I think it slanderous that you would make such a statement without somehow knowing the facts. Surely you won't make that statement from just the information provided by a reporter.

    And somehow you know the gun was being played with, hummmm.

    It is a tragic occurrence whenever people die of self inflicted or accidental gun shot wounds of any manner. But to add fire to the fuel by placing unknown issues into the story only helps to support that we somehow know those people were negligent to begin with. I say, "It ain't so." We still suffer from accidents and until we can get the facts, it looks like the jury is out on this one.
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    Well somebody had their finger on the trigger.
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    Sure a high likely hood of that, but you don't know. Until the investigation is complete.
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    I guess this just about covers the thought that handling a loaded gun between two people is safe. When recovering my loaded pistol from my nightstand drawer, the first thing I do is remove the magazine and cycling the round in the chamber out. Oh, and yes, always point a gun, loaded or not, in a safe direction.
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    Tragic for the loss of life. Interested in knowing the full story, to see if it was ND or failure or just stupidity.