Man acquitted in shooting is 'happy to be free', but now is homeless

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by baccusboy, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Pretty sad indeed!

  3. iGlock

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    Another sad story
  4. Webphisher

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    This is more than just sad. Poor guy keeps himself from being attacked and possibly killed by violent drunk criminals, and he's the one that loses everything. 1 on 2 to me sounds like a good time for lethal force, considering his background and the fact that he made every attempt to warn and drive off his attackers. Seems to me that someone owes this guy whatever he needs to get back on track. Law abiding citizens losing their life, not literally in this situtation, for defending themselves is beyond words.
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    The universe seemed like it was out to get this poor guy. I don't think the guy should of been "racing" the other guys. But the his car was busted up and two guys were trying to sneek up on him, I'd pull my gun too
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    Wow. Sad and frightening.

    He lost everything, literally, even his freedom, and now needs to pick up the pieces, with a record. Not easy nowadays.

    And all he did was what any of us would have probably done to protect ourselves.