Mako 3-Rail Forend for Mossberg 500

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  1. I am wanting to purchase this for my Mossberg 500 Persuader:

    and was wondering if any one here has installed one on there Persuader? I got mine this year (2012) it has a 20'' barrel w/ pistol grip, heat shield and holds 8 rounds, so I was wondering if I would need to buy any addition parts to make this fit properly? Or special tools to take the old hand guard off. I never worked on a shot gun before.;) All I know is if I unscrew the magazine tube cap I can change the barrel out but never went further then that.

    All so looking at may be getting this one if my first option fails:

    Thanks for your time!
  2. rickjames

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    Talk about resurrecting the dead.

    What did you end up going with?
    I will be getting a great deal on a mossberg 500 and I'm looking at options to switch out the stock and forend.
    Lots of nice pics out there, I just don't know quality components for that stuff.

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  3. RobbK

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    Thread Necromancy!!! I have been very impressed with everything Mako I have purchased I actually prefer a lot of the products to Magpul.

  4. Lol. :D

    Actually I haven't worked on my shotgun ever since this post. I got distracted by a AR build, a new pistol, a lot of mags, and other things.

    I have changed my direction on it tho. Instead of this forend I am going to go with the Surefire one with the light built into it...

    An I will be putting on a Hogue 12'' stock on it.

    but like I said......I keep getting distracted by other firearms an firearm projects. :D
  5. rickjames

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    that's good to hear.

    That forend is nice, and expensive.

    I'll be shopping around a bit and browsing other's photos to get a better idea of what I actually want.

    Thanks guys.

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  6. jhelper

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    That should work, I have the same shotgun as you, 20 in Mossberg, 8 shells

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