Maintenance after Dry Fire Training

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    I wanted to get some opinions on this since I really haven't been able to find a good answer. With not being able to get the range as often and the high cost of ammo right now, I purchased a Mantis X3 for my Glock 19 gen 4 that I am using now at home with Tipton Snap Caps to go through some of their drills. It's nice because I can also use the Mantis X3 with live fire when I get out to the range. My question, is there any maintenance (oil/cleaning) that I should be doing? I know its dry fire, but should I still oil it every so often and run a boresnake through it just in case some of the plastice begins to flake off of the snap caps? I've had my 19 for a little over a year, so I'm good with teardown, clean/lube and reassembly it, I'm just trying to get some opinions of some more experienced Glock owners. On the same note, would you recommend using a DryFireMag as opposed to snap caps to reduce the # of times racking the slide and more consistent training? Thanks for your help.
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    Simply lubricate your pistol when the oil starts to dry out (which can take several weeks... or months, depending on storage conditions).


    Dryfire Training devices, post #75

    "At this point, my recommendation is to 'stay clear' of DryFireMag."

    Constantly racking the slide may be wearisome, but it doesn't hurt the pistol and, IF you're using 'perfect' techniques, breaking and reacquiring your 'perfect' grip is excellent practice.

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    Thanks Bob, great info.
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