Magpul Angled Foregrip

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  1. What's everyone's thoughts on these. I've been lookin at gettin one but haven't had the chance to lay hands on one mounted yet. I think they look like they'd work pretty good. Just need to get I guess.
  2. american lockpicker

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    I prefer vertical grips but try both before you decide.

  3. malladus

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    I've got one on my most recent AR build. Haven't got to really run it through anything yet as the rifle is still sitting in my gunsafe waiting to get it chance to get broken in. I'm hoping to get a chance to do that this weekend or next. Just from running through some drills with it in at the house I have to say it takes a little getting used to, but I like it better then vertical foregrips. I think it isn't really competitor to the vertical forgrip in terms of what it supposed to be used for, so may not be a good comparison.

  4. Ive got a vertical grip on my AR now. I just think this seees like i would be more comfortable. Im a big guywith big hands this just seems like it works.
  5. 66Goat389

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    Had a magpul angled foregrip on my AR15. Looks cool but was awkward and uncomfortable. Pulled it, sold it, and went with the magpul short vert grip. Part or the problem was my wrist, it's been broke before. With the regular vert grip I don't have to twist my wrist to hold the gun lie with the afg.
  6. wilkenjr

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    I have the angled foregrip on my s&w m&p 15-22 and personally I love it. It is very comfortable to use. And of course it's magpul so you know it's a good quality product. I even have a magpul case for my iPhone.
  7. Adalla

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    Have one for my AR and also found it uncomfortable. It may not be optimal for a carbine length hand guard. I put a shorty vertical grip and use it as a backstop with my support hand half on the grip and half on the stock. Let's me get a solid pull into my shoulder and still have the good lever for side to side target transition.

    Love me some magpul.. Maybe the afg will go on my Rem870 when get it tricked out
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