Magnaporting a baby Glock

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  1. Dewyz1100

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    Alright... I want to hear from someone that has done this...

    I have pawed through many many sites looking for testimonials from those that have actually had this modification done to their baby luck so far...

    Everyone of the discussions about using a compensated or porting a carry piece warned against it...

    Most of the objections dealt with speculation of a night time flash blinding the gasses/flames setting clothing on fire if fired from the hip, darkening of the night sights, or hot metal fragments and debris coming in contact with the shooter...

    Magnaport website attempts to dispel these objections with how their process differs from competitors with porting that exits out through the top center of the slide...

    I know from personal experience that the best shooting experience I ever had was while using a factory compensated Glock.

    Since Glock does not offer a factory compensated baby Glock, I am in search of someone that has done this to one...specifically the .40 model 27...

    I welcome comments, but would love some actual testimonials... Thanks!
  2. iGlock

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    I had a ported barrel and compensator on a g27 i had.

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  3. judesign

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    I've got a compensated glock 23. It's 99% Internet hyperbole. You will not be burned or set on fire, it will not blind you at night, it is a little louder. My .02
  4. sgtcowboyusmc

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    A Buddy of mine brought his 23C and let me shoot it. It is a Tad louder as we shot his wifes 23 not compensated at the same time and I didn't notice much difference. As for night blinding I asked him and he said he qualifies at night 2X a year and he shoots good at night with it! Says there is no more of a flash with it than a regular barrel ! I never shot it at night but he is an honest guy so I believe him! Hope it helps!
  5. Dewyz1100

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    Did you buy a drop in extended barrel with the porting outside the slide, or did you have the factory slide and barrel modified?

    Thanks everyone for your input...
  6. Dewyz1100

    Dewyz1100 New Member

    MagnaPort Feedback

    I contacted Mag-Na-port about a few of their services - Just an FYI in case anyone was wondering:

    "[FONT=&quot]The 3.5 inch Glock is too short for the 4 port process, so all we would do is just a 2 port. The gold inlay would not work on the Glock lettering, it is too wide and we use a liquid inlay that would wipe out when you clean the slide. The magnaport logo is an electro etch process and only done on stainless steel. I am afraid it we tried to do it to another type of finish it would damage the finish in that area."[/FONT]
  7. kjensenmich

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    I received my G27 back from Magna Port about two months back. I have since put 400 rounds through it. Muzzle reduction is amazing. My sights are the fiber optic Truglo TFO. If any sights were to be damaged from porting, it would be these. I wipe em off when I clean the gun but its really not needed. They are still as bright as the day I got them. I searched everywhere for someone who had done this with the G27 as well and had no luck. The only downside to me is what ammo you use. I usually shoot the Walmart Federal Champion ammo which I think is cleaner than the Winchester. I noticed after getting my 27 back from Magna port that the Federal ammo had a notification on the box not to use with a ported barrel. Damn it! So I called Magna...answer is that particular ammo has a thin copper coating compared to higher end ammo. That coating could "possibly" be cut by the ports in the barrel exiting out them to the side. Not every box of Federal Champion has that notice on them either. Anyway... I still shoot Federal through it and no mishaps. I do make sure no one is harms way to play it safe. Hope this Helps. I couldn't find much on the ported 27 either.
  8. Dewyz1100

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    Awesome info! Sounds like you are already up and going with the same setup I am looking to achieve...

    Have you experienced much additional residue to clean up on the internals of the gun since porting?

    Yes, please upload pictures! :)

    Thanks a bunch!
  9. kjensenmich

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    It does get a little dirtier on the barrel and inside the front of slide. Not to bad though. However...before I had it ported I made it pretty by polishing internals etc. including barrel. Polished barrel is not easy to clean. I have had to get out the buffing wheel after each two trips to the range if I want all the residue off the barrel. Kind of a pain. I'm thinking its ammo I have been shooting. IDk...Ill figure it out eventually.

    Ill post some pics tomorrow
  10. kjensenmich

    kjensenmich New Member

    Here's some pics of the Magna ported G27

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  11. CincyG27

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    Awesome and what type of sights are those?
  12. MarinewithaGlock

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    I've wanted to do this with my 23 since they didn't have a 23C when I bought mine through Glocks For Heros. How much does something like this cost? I imagine it has to be pretty expensive.
  13. AverageCitizen

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    What's the turn around time?
  14. gunfreak101

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    Ok, what's the address, website, and phone number I want this done to my 26
  15. Dewyz1100

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    I already have the same TFO sights... Instead of polishing components, I plan to eventually send my slide and barrel off to UTC Coatings for their "Fail Zero" nickel-boron finish...should ease the clean up process...but have some work to do to it before that happens...

    I am working with local shops now to see if any of them have a laser engraver that is beefy enough to cut through the Tenifer treatment to the factory Glock slide steel...

    Figured if I was gonna have Magnaport cut some holes in the slide, and make it personal with some engraving, that I should get all that work done before sealing everything with UTC...

    Be a couple months before everything is finished on my piece, but you can believe plenty of pics will be making their way onto the forum once it is complete...

  16. Danzig

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    Look up Zipgraver. They have Glock engraving page.
  17. kjensenmich

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    I read an article in a past issue of Combat handguns about Magna Port. They seem to be the leader in the industry as far as porting for hand guns. Lead time is 7-10 days. The two port job I had done cost $150.00

    Fail Zero...I'm gonna have to check that out. That could be huge for cleaning the barrel.

    Magna Port is in Michigan by the way. If anyone is considering it call and ask what day they are running the to speak. I remember Ken saying they did it
    one day a week. This could shave off some days from your lead time.
  18. Dewyz1100

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    Fail Zero...

    Here is the site for Fail Zero:

    I can't wait to get my pieces treated... Easier cleanup AND no need for lubrication in the upper part of the weapon... Score!

    UTC is the company that actually handles the nickel-boron coating, but Fail Zero is a brand name for it...

    I believe the cost was around $200 for both slide and barrel to be treated.

    They would not eleborate why, but they do not treat firing pins or other internals to the slide...

    They were willing to coat the ejector along with the slide and barrel for free if someone requested it...

    The reviews (even on this forum) have been nothing but good... :)
  19. Dewyz1100

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    I will look there again, but last time I glanced on their page it seemed like their engraving work looks more like etching - it does not appear to go very deep...

    The Tenifer treatment Glock had done to their slide steel is about 0.05mm thick, done in a 500° C Nitride bath, andhas a 64 Rockwell C rating…

    It takes a beefy laser to actually cut something that hardened...