Magguts for the Glock 43 9mm

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  1. ronnie948

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    I bought three of the Magguts inserts to extend my G-43 magazines to hold 7 rounds.
    These are nice because they do not make the magazine any longer.
    The quality is excellent. They do use a flat spring in place of the coil spring but I don't foresee any problems with that at all.
    I already shot over 150 plus rounds through the three seven shot magazines without one single failure.
    I love the fact that I now carry 7 Plus 1 in the G43 and an extra seven round magazine for a total of 15 rounds without making my g-43 and larger.

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  2. Blackmagic02

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    Thanks for sharing that. I have a few of the Pearce +1 extensions but would definitely prefer adding a round without adding bulk. I saw on their web site they are working on a similar product for the Shield .40. That would interest me also.

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    Hey that`s cool Ronnie, Just got this 43 and like all the info I`m finding on the forum..thanx for sharing
  5. ronnie948

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    I have a tip for anyone that needs to get the Glock 43 magazine apart.
    You need to squeeze the sides at the bottom of the magazine while pushing down on the stop to allow the bottom to slide off.
    I'll see if I can find the U-Tube that showed me that.

    I found it:
    Glock makes a tool to squeeze the sides of the magazine, This guy used his visegrips, I just used a vise because my fingers sure ain't strong enough to squeeze the clip.. It don't have to be squeezed in very far -Just enough to get past the short tabs.
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  6. Having done this to my Glocks I have learned that using cardboard and a pair of channel locks squeezed at the bottom of the mag puts enough compression on the sides that allow the plate to come right off.
    I installed both Magguts in my G43 and manually tested them racking the slide. I need to do some range time and make sure that they function in the weapon.
    I do like having the extra round per magazine.

    There is a good video on Youtube that shows how to disassemble and assemble the spring...
  7. Motodeficient

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    If anyone uses 147gr 9mm ammo with a magguts kit in your 43, make sure you test it properly.

    For my Glock 43 I have one magazine with a TTI +1 extension, one magazine with the magguts +1 spring, one stock magazine.

    With 147gr HST, the magguts kit caused the last round to hang up 2 out of the 4 times I used it. That is a very small sample size, and I need to do more testing, but a 50% failure rate for feeding the last round of my carry ammo isn't a good start. I should say that I ran 15 magazines worth of 115gr range ammo through the magguts magazine with incident.

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  8. PattonWasRight

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    Those large hollow points with large openings I don't trust.

    Any failure I've had have been with those large profile bullets. My theory is they diminish the momentum up the feed ramp, and/or hits it at a non optimal angle when it's the last round in a mag.

    I use Critical Defense for carry, and have never had and issue with those. Uses a very tightly tapered / pointed hollow point that is inherently more feed reliable.

    Wasn't aware of the different design on the MagGuts springs, thanks for the pic.
  9. Motodeficient

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    They run fine in all of my Glocks including the 43 if the stock magazine configuration is used.
  10. Blackmagic02

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    Great product. I received a couple Saturday. Ran 50 rounds thru each yesterday with no issues at all. Very pleased. Enough that I bought a couple of kits for my Shield 40 which became available Monday. Those should be in today or tomorrow. I was also very pleased with the turnaround time. Received within 3 days of placing my order. Thanks again Ronnie948!
  11. Greg43

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    Installed on my 43 today. Very simple. The 7th round is a tight fit, but ran 100 rounds through right after install with zero problems. Seems reliable so far.

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