magazine release problems

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by flipmoe1, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. flipmoe1

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    my clip for my glock 17 2nd gen will not release from the gun like it should. I push the release button and it stays in the gun instead of dropping like it should. I have to hit the release button and then pull it out. Any helpful tips anyone?
  2. KeenansGarage

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    Take off the slide, put the empty magazine in, and look down. You may or may not see an issue, but it gives you a better view.

  3. american lockpicker

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    Don't some early mags swell when loaded?
  4. iGlock

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    I believe so, i have heard that before but never seen myself.
  5. jfirecops

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    Some of the mags are not "drop free" by design, you may have no problem at all. An easy fix is to take Scotchbrite or an ultra fine sandpaper and sand the sides of your mag.
  6. tahoe132

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    Sounds like older mags to me. After time the springs get weak, and its best to replace the mags.

    Either way, mags are cheap. I would rather spend a little money on new mags, than have a mag malfunction due to a weak spring.
  7. rivalarrival

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    Springs have nothing to do with the magazine dropping. With the slide locked back or removed and with an empty magazine, hold the gun upside down and depress the magazine release. The magazine won't move. Gravity alone should be enough to pull the magazine out of the well.

    jfirecops mentioned non-drop-free magazines. The best I can tell, these are identifiable by looking at the back of the feed lips of the magazine. If the bottom of the channel is square, the magazines are drop-free and should fall out of the gun easily. If the channel is U-shaped, they are non-drop-free magazines. Non-drop-free magazines are designed to expand slightly when loaded with more than 10 rounds. The thinking was that an inadvertent press of the magazine release shouldn't drop a full or mostly-full magazine. This trait is desired by some European users. To most American users, it means that you can't be sure of what's going to happen when you press the magazine release. If you press the release and the magazine doesn't move, you don't immediately know whether it's because the magazine is full or a malfunction has caused it to hang up in the gun. Assuming the former in a gun fight could have tragic consequences.

    If they are drop-free mags, they've got to be hanging up on something. Perhaps the magazines are deformed or the mag well is dirty.

    If they are non-drop-free mags, they should fall out freely only if they are empty or nearly empty.
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  8. G-23

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    And, or, take your firearm to a Certified Glock Armorer and have them check it out for you.

    There could be other issues but it looks like most have been well covered here.
  9. Kmurray96

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    Like my uncle, an old car mechanic used to say, "Check the cheap stuff first." Try wiping your mags down with a silicon cloth first and see what happens.

    Second, put an empty mag in, turn the gun upside down and press the release button. If the magazine doesn't do about a 1/16 -1/8" jump than it might be time to try at least one new mag spring to see if that's the problem.

    Sometimes a magazine spring will get just weak enough, combined with some grit inside of the top of the mag that the mag won't drop.

    Non-dropping mags is also a good sign to change your springs. The next step in a weak mag spring is a FTL. Don't want that in a "aw s**t!" situation now, do we?
    Our department's range weapons started to show these flaws on our H&K's. Dirty mags and weakened mag springs were the culprits. Our H&K's have seen years of service and thousands of rounds through them. But keep in mind, when not in use, all of our mags are stored empty. The mags on your Gen 2 have probably been stored fully loaded for almost as long as ours so I would suggest it might be time to invest in new springs.
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  10. Blackridge

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    The only time Ive had this issue was with the KCI (korean) mags. One wasnt made to full spec and was thicker towards the top, causing it to stay put when released.

    I threw a DP extension onto it (adding some weight) and it drops free as it should now, but I'm still weary of using it for anything other than practice
  11. KeenansGarage

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    Flipmoe1...any updates? Did any of this help?
  12. How many rounds did u put through your glock? Haven't seen this issue other than you mag is defective and sweeling at the bottom or the spring is going bad in the mag release