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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by streetglider08, Feb 27, 2012.

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    So I was at the range today with my g26 with 2 factory mags and had a few problems. I have put around 400 rounds through each mag. For some reason on a few different attempts I couldn't get the full 10 rounds in the mag I would look in the sight window in the back and it would show a tenth round was in but nothing in the 9 spot. What I believe happened is that the rounds were not double stacking the first couple I put in the magazine. I would then unload the mag and only nine rounds come out. So I know I wasn't trying to put 11 rounds in the magazine. Even when I used the tool that I got with my magazines it would not load the tenth round. I would push down the the tool but only the primer end of the round would go down. The nose or bullet end would not go down even enough to get the last round in. Sorry if this was extremely confusing. Lol.
    On a side not I have not cleaned or lubed my mags since new only had the gun for about a month. Not sure how necessary that is to do though.
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    Try putting 7 or 8 rounds in the mag and them give the base pad a couple of smacks on your hand. Then add the rest. Sometimes that helps with my G27. Also, after disassembling, clean the inside with a bottle brush. Wipe it out, with a dry rag. reassemble. If the mags hang up and won't drop free when ejected from the mag well in the grip of the gun, wipe some Armor All on the out of the mag and inside the mag well. Make sure you get both completely dry so they aren't slippery. They will slide right out when ejected. I do this aobut once a season for USPSA competition. Works great and speeds up reloads.

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    I get that from time to time with the G17 mags I carry for reloads for my G26, including the bit about bullets in the last and third-to-last, but nothing in the second-to-last witness holes.

    I've never had a feed problem from them, but occasionally, I have to slap them pretty hard - about equivalent to dropping them from about 8 inches onto a table - to get that last round in. I agree, I think it's because the first three rounds aren't double stacking properly.

    I've never had that problem with my G26 10 round mags, but then again, I have been able to get an 11th round crammed into them.
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    Yea. I don't get it. I leave the mags loaded all the time. It is usually manageable loading the 10th round "not too tight". Not sure what would cause them not to load properly.