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Magazine Holder

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I'm looking for a good dual mag pouch. Maybe something that will hold the 22 round mags as well. Any suggestions?
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I ordered one from they have great prices! And free shipping on what I have purchased so far.
Look at the FOBUS DOUBLE MAG POUCH I have one and it's nice. This picture it hold a G23 MAG and an aftermarket .40 31 rounder.


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I have a bravo concealment two mag holder on order. I have heard great stuff about them.
I use a double mag pouch by El Paso Saddlery. It holds a 22rd Glock mag just fine. Plenty of grip and not too top heavy.
Appreciate it everyone! I like the paddle style holster, seems to stay closer to my body. I'll probably go with the FOBUS.
This forum has vendors / members that make an array of nice products...

member MikeP of Defensive Holsters...Trotac and his premium gear...and

FoxX holsters...check the ad banners on top of every screen you visit on this site !!
See that's why I'm here! Thanks shooter. How about an ankle holster? For a G23?
We don't have them listed on our site but do make them on special requests.
Ended up ordering a blackhawk mag pouch off Amazon. Thanks for all the input and mike I saw a review from the armory channel on YouTube of your iwb's. Do you want me to contact you on here about the ankle hostler or through your website? Seems like you make quality stuff! Only the best for my glock!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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