M&P Shield 40S&W ?

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  1. My be getting my self a b day present. I wanted to know if the Shield 40 S&W is 19oz loaded?
    Really looking for something that is noticeable amount lighter then my G23. Thought this might be a good pic. Cant go too small cause I have big hands.

    Anyone got any info?
    Do you like the gun?
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    Really looked into the shield when I was trying out small single stack 9mm's. I ended up going with the Beretta Nano. Please feel free to look at a thread I made about the Nano. I had an extensive range day with it. It's very reliable and accurate.

  3. I'd stay FAR away from the M&P line if I were you. Major problems with guns going off accidentally. A young girl was recently killed when an off-duty officers' M&P fired after she hugged him around the waist. There's even a forum member here with the screen name gunsmithie23 who had his own close call with an M&P that he's since gotten rid of. I believe he shared his experience in a thread he started called "M&p 45 warning". You might find it useful.
  4. Hmmm Damn, guess I'll do a search. Thanks
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    Although the trigger safety on the M&P is not of optimal design...there is something to be said about using the proper holster.

    The trigger safety is of a hinged design (high hinge) so it's very easy to engage the trigger.

    Using an improper holster (not fully covering the trigger, or some piss poor leather holster that can deform and activate the trigger...is just asking for trouble).

    Preferred holsters will have kydex whether is pure kydex, kydex hybrid, or kydex impregnated. This will ensure consistent retention over time, and will never warp.

    Pic 1: M&P trigger
    Pic 2: POS leather holster that caused a Glock to discharge.

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  6. I get what your saying and you're right about finding a quality holster, but as you said at the beginning of your post the trigger safety design on this line of pistols leaves a lot to be desired. They're have been a rash of these accidental discharges lately leading me to believe that the design flaw is serious enough to warrant a recall. As I recommended to the original poster, take a look at the thread started by gunsmithie23 called "M&p 45 warning". In it he states that a family member who is LEO said they are aware of the problem.
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    I know I keep beating the Beretta Nano drum, but as a Glock owner I find the triggers incredibly similar.
  8. You guys, have me strongly rethinking the M&P.
    Not sure if I want a 9mm or not. I kind of want something with a little more punch. But I will look into the Nano
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    My other carry gun is a Glock 27 (40 S&W). My carry ammo for my Nano is Hornady Critical Duty 9mm +P rounds. I believe those will do what is needed and do not feel under gunned or feel the need to have the 40 at anytime. Plus I like shooting the cheap range ammo and carrying the more expensive +P.

    However, if you are set on the Nano in 40, I saw a shot show interview with the Beretta guy who said demand for the BU-9 Nano has been higher than expected, so Beretta is focusing on production at this time. They have delayed the release of the BU-40 Nano until 2013. My opinion is that since this is after the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse in December, it may not ever be produced.
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    I would hardly call 2 discharges MAJOR problems with the line. I have 3 M&Ps in the house with no problems, I know Denver cops that carry without issue. When you have a ****ty holster or one that is defective you can hardly blame the gun for the problem. The Shield is an amazing little gun and I've yet to hear of anyone I know having a problem or anything but praise for this gun.
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    Kahr cm40 great little gun
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    Unless you are the one who just got shot, then you would definitely consider it a major problem. However, when I was looking at single stacks I looked at the Shield and dry fired it. The trigger pull is good. The trigger pull is long as it should be on a CCW gun.
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