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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by shiflet, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. shiflet

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    Does anyone know of a good diagram or would someone make a diagram showing the key points to lubricate a glock. Not a fan of YouTube it takes a long to load on my phone and my laptop is broken. Thanks!
  2. Here ya go.....


  3. Lube pic by itself.......

  4. firsttimer

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    I have the same question, particularly that spot at the right rear of the frame, the manual shows a pic, but it gives points to a spot in a view I cannot see, a cutout!
  5. bhale187

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    If I understand you correctly......
    That is a supposed to be showing the rail of the slide, put a drop into the rail on both sides of the slide
  6. Put a drop where the trigger bar makes contact with the trigger connector. That's the part in the manual you are asking about.
  7. bhale187

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    DOH, I read that twice and somehow got right rear of the picture instead of right rear of th e frame.

    I need some rest, reading comprehension is gone today:eek:
  8. here's a live pic......

  9. shiflet

    shiflet New Member

    The live picture is much better! Thanks Mike P!
  10. larry

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    Thanks, the information above is very helpful to me as I just took delivery of a new G19 GEN3 today and need to get it ready for range tryout.
  11. fls348

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    Ditto, however as our Dept. armorer I recommend a dab of white lithium grease in this particular spot and the tiniest drop possible of heavy oil everywhere else.......
  12. d7e7r7

    d7e7r7 New Member

    If someone saved the live pic, please can someone share it.
    Thanks ;)
  13. Glockinator19

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    Every glock comes with a owners manual... Did you not get one? I have like 10 of them in my house lol
  14. chuckds

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    Here you go:



    Not the same picture, from the armorers manual.
  15. ibanez6rg

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    I've always wondered this. Just should have looked at my manual.
  16. Glockinator19

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    That's what they give it to you for :p
  17. Mongo44

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    Tell him not to use the grease. The armorer I replaced at my Dept. did that too. Once the temps got to about freezing it made the glocks to where they would not have enough force to set off the primers. I had to tear them all down. Ran them through a bath of Hoppes #9, The ultrasonic cleaner them reassembled with proper oil and they all worked.

    That convinced me to never use a grease on a defensive firearm. YMMV
  18. Specialsixtraining

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    Let me know if your Glock ejects shelled to the side and not to face of top of your head !
  19. arvi123y

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    Where did you get this page? Is part of a manual/book on glocks? Can you please share the source.