The Northwest Texas city of Lubbock is home to Texas Tech, birthplace of Buddy Holly, and was recently named to be one of the best places to start a small business in the country. As a further sign of change, the city's police department is switching from SIGs to Glocks.

The Lubbock PD

The city may only be the 84th largest in the country, with a population of about 230,000, but its police department is modern. With some 406 sworn officers and detectives the department is no doubt very busy hectic. Besides four large patrol shifts the LPD has an Accident Investigation division, Bicycle Patrol, K-9 Unit, Motor Unit, and a Mounted Horse Patrol.

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According to the crime reports for the city, Lubbock has a ten-year average of some 14663 reported crimes per year including an average of a dozen murders, 103 rapes, 305 robberies, and more than 1800 aggravated assaults per year. This translates to a violent crime committed every few hours in the city.

Since 1947, six LPD officers have given their life in the line of duty.

The Switch

The city's current duty arm for the past six years is the SIG Sauer P229 in .40S&W with a double action DAK trigger that gives a full time 6.5-pound trigger pull. According to an article in the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal that came out this week, the city is moving to the Glock 22 for all officers for free.

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(The city is moving to the Gen 4 Glock 22 as its primary sidearm for the Lubbock PD at a cost of $0.00 for each gun to the taxpayer)

"Basically, they are allowing us to do a swap at no cost to the PD," said LPD spokesman Sgt. Jason Lewis. "They're going to take our Sigs, and in return just give us the Glocks at no cost."

LPD is going through GT Distributors, a law enforcement supply company with locations in Texas and Georgia. Once the pistols arrive, all personnel will have to pass a firearms qualification course to carry the new guns.

When the transaction is complete, officers will be able to buy one of the used pistols back from GT Distributors.


The P229 DAK is a good gun, being standard issue for the Department of Homeland Security (to include the USCG and other agencies). However the Gen 4 Glock 22 that LPD is getting will have a lighter trigger pull (5.5 pounds) and larger mag capacity (15+1 instead of 12+1). Likewise the G22, with its polymer frame, is lighter at 25.59 ounces unloaded compared to the alloy-framed SIG's 32-ounce beef.

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(The SIGP229R DAK, at bottom, is comparable to the Glock 22, above, but the thinner Glock has a higher mag capacity and lower weight while the SIG has a slightly shorter overall length)

The Glock also comes in slightly thinner, which could prove helpful for detectives, who may have enjoyed the fact that the P229 was about an inch shorter, thus aiding with concealment.

Further, it should be noted that this particular department is sticking with .40S&W for now, rather than downgrading to 9mm as some agencies have been doing in recent months.

Still, welcome to the club Lubbock.