LTT kimber ultra carry ll

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Steveyb1960, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Steveyb1960

    Steveyb1960 Member

    Beautiful ultra carry ll compact .45. Comes with iwb rh holster. Shoots amazing, little felt recoil for the size. Looking for revolvers or semi autos. Comes with 2 mags. Not the wilson combats shown but 1 that came with it and 1 mec gar

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  2. morph860

    morph860 Active Member

    What are you looking to trade for?

  3. Steveyb1960

    Steveyb1960 Member

    Looking for revolvers, and semiauto handguns. No rifles, shotguns, ARs
  4. GPerfection

    GPerfection Active Member

    Sweet, wish you were closer I would love to make a deal.
  5. kingfisher1

    kingfisher1 Member

    Anything specific that you'd trade for? I have a G27 with trijicon sights, pyramid trigger, tungsten spring, 2 holsters I'd consider. Gun shoots great.
  6. Steveyb1960

    Steveyb1960 Member

    I have a 26. Dont need a .40 close to the 26 size. Thank you
  7. sstumpf85

    sstumpf85 New Member

    Where are you at?
  8. That's a nice pistol , shame it's not a 9mm , are you looking for a trade you can carry ?
  9. Steveyb1960

    Steveyb1960 Member

    Carry is an option yes
  10. sstumpf85

    sstumpf85 New Member

    Damn if not so far away I have a glock 23 part of a defense set with 2 clips