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drexotic said:
This is a joke, right!?!?
Why would it be a joke? People like to customize their guns to meet their style and Glocks are no different, Glocks are already notorious for being considered "ugly" but with some attention by polishing the barrel, pins, slide lock and actual slide people can make them more their style... Different strokes for different folks, some prefer the plain look and others like to customize which is totally fine either way, there is no right or wrong though because either way it's still a Glock and performs flawlessly :)

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You know . . . Like Abusing the wicked stick

Adjusting the antenna
Aiding and abetting a known felon
Applying the hand brake
Arguing with Henry Longfellow
Arm-wrestle with your one-eyed vessel
Attack the one-eyed purple-headed warrior
Audition your hand puppet
Backstroke roulette
Badgering the witness
Barking up the wrong tree
Bash the candle
Basting the ham
Battling the purple-headed yogurt slinger
Being rough with the sex stick
Be your own best friend
Beat the bishop
Beat the bologna
Beat the dummy
Beat the meat
Beat the pud
Beat the stick
Beat up your date
Beef tips stroking off
Bleed the weed
Blow your own horn
Bludgeon the beefsteak
Bop the bologna
Bop the bonzo
Box the Jesuit
Box with Richard
Brushing up on your typing skills
Buff the banana
Bugger your hand
Building upper-body strength
Burp the baby
Burp the worm
Butter the corn

And that's just the A-B's

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I hear ya man. Many people like to personalize their guns. I spruce up all my guns, from my AR-15 to my Glock 22's. I really like the job you did on the barrel. Say you used a dremel with felt tip and Mother's polish, (or, Flits)? Good idea man!

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Don't do it! It's not custom, or even cool. It's just gross. Glocks weren't meant to have polished barrels! For the love of God!


I like my barrel polished, as for my Glocks, I like them polished as well. The hint of a polished barrel sticking out around all that black beauty is like looking at a sexy woman in a bikini. Gets me excited just thinking about it.
So go ahead and polish that barrel(s) and then let us know how you feel :D
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