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Looking to buy tacticool .22 What do you guy's (and gals) think?

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Here's my dilemma...
I have $600 vacation time to cash out and want to get a new toy:D
I'm really interested in a .22 rifle for general plinking. I'd like to get something with a big fun factor that's also reasonably reliable (for a .22) and good quality without burning the whole wad.
So far I'm interested in the Umarex clones, like the HK MP5, HK 416, and the Colt.
Or the M&P15 22 or even the CCMG Quebec-A which is really cool because you can convert to .223 with the addition of an AR buffer tube & spring and .223 upper.
Of course, there's also the Ruger 10/22.
What to do, what to do..:rolleyes:
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From all the reviews I've read and the Youtube vids I've watched, people really like the MP5's. I guess they have full metal construction unlike some of the other clones.
taperguy said:
Here's a few pics of my Sig 522 and the integrated laser. This pic was taken before I added the dot holigraph.
I hear the Sig gets high marks as well. Definitely in running. Are you pretty happy with it?
Hey, if I go with a Ruger, there might be a few bucks left to get some more Glock goodies, too. :D
I stopped by one of the local gun shops yesterday and fondled a couple CMMG's and the M&P15 22. The CMMG is a bit more solid, but the M&P has some better features in it's stock form. So far I'm leaning towards CMMG, but only because I can convert to .223 later. I've come across complete used .223 uppers at for $200, so it's kinda hard to resist. I just need to hit a few more local shops and then Cabela's to grope some of the other makes and models. I appreciate the input so far.;)
The verdict is in. CMMG Quebec-A Evolution.
I handled the MP5 and ACR clones and although they are well built, there's also kind of a toyish element to them. I also don't like how there's fake, non functional parts, along with the fact that the aftermarket is extremely slim.
Mossberg.. no thanks.
Ruger 10/22 - Awesome gun with wide open possibilities, but I've shot plenty of em and want something new and exciting.
I'll post up a pic of the new toy on Friday night after I get the rifle and outfit it with a few goodies.
Ok, I lied. M&P 15-22!

Ok, so I came up a few $$ short on my purchase, so I decided on the M&P 15-22. The CMMG was $75 more and didn't include any sights. I figured I could always trade in later if the Smithy doesn't meet my expectations. Added Magpul MOE grip and a stubby vertical. I gotta say, this thing feels amazing. I'll post up a range report tomorrow.


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ran about 250 rounds of some cheap Remington value box. Only 1 failure to detonate, but that's it. The rifle ran flawlessly! Very accurate too, although I really don't like the stock peep sight. I'm interested in one of those Eotech knock offs. From what I hear they work just fine for little rimfire plinkers. I already want to get my gun goodies.


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With Camo wrap & posing with friends

Oh yeah!
That camo wrap really makes a big difference. For $10, why not?


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The smith 22lr. M and P works flawlessly as long as you make shure the cartridges are angled correctly. If the tip of the bullet doesn't tilt up far enough, it won't feed right. Just fiddle with the thumb spring release until you get the right angle. Just something I've run into with the kids AR.
I've already run into that problem. The mags aren't the best, but it's nothing that can't be overcome by paying attention to the position on the cartridge while stacking em up.
Another 300 rounds through it over the weekend. Not a single failure. I gotta say, I like it, but I don't love it. Not like my Glock, that is. I don't believe the polymer, whater the blend is, is as durable as the Glock. Just something I noticed.
Can't stop the mods!

Great, now I have a mod list for my Glock AND 15-22.
Here's the latest build on my little .22:D

Next on the list is a "cooler" comp/muzzle brake. Maybe one of those DNA Collector deals. Also want a 50 round drum, bi-pod, MBUS, Timney.... The list goes and goes.


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