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  1. ChromeDome

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    After a couple of scares while home alone with our two year old son,:eek: my wife has finally decided to agree with my suggestion that she gets her CCW. I carry my Gen 4 G19 with me everywhere I go. Usually IWB or strapped to my ankle while at work.(only option) She tells me she wants something that she can keep in her purse. I'm just glad she is open to the idea of carrying at all so I'm not going to press the issue of why I would rather she keep it on her. Of course I think a G26 would be perfect for her.(She's getting to be a pretty good shot with my G19) But I think that it's important for her to have options to choose from. She is not a big girl(5'2"- 110lbs) so a 45 cal. probably wouldn't be a good fit. I was hoping for some input regarding a small, light weight semi-auto 9mm or 380. She doesn't want e revolver. Thank you all in advance. Be safe and don't forget to duck.
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    I would say a S&W body guard or Ruger LCP for concealability and for their small sizes.

    Glock 25 and 28 are both .380. I've never had either but they should be a bit lighter than the 26 and 27.

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    This may not be what your looking for but here goes anyway, the Walther PPS in 40 S&W.
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    I'd say Glock 26 or S&W m&p 9 compact.
  5. ChromeDome

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    I'm not a LEO so the Glock .380 isn't an option. I have seen some good reviews of the S&W. I'll definitely look into the LCP. Any word on Walther? Aren't they made by S&W?
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    If the 26 isn't to her style I'll give +1 to the M&P9C. Nice and small and depending on her hand size it has the one mag as normal and one with the extended grip. If she decides her hand is big enough for the extended grip, the floor plate can be found for a few bucks online usually. It's got a nice feel to it, not to heavy, well balanced.

    My dad got one to go with his M&P9 full-size. It's his EDC.
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    My wife carries a g23 in her purse and she is real good with it and being it is same as g19 just a 40cal
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    Springfield XDM SubCompact is nice and small. You can get 9mm, .40 cal or even the .45 that you did not think would be a good fit. It is small but almost 10 oz heavier than G26.
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    My vote would be for the G26. Its next on my list as well. I currently have a G19. Personally I don't care for the smaller LCPs or Bodygaurds because in my experience, the smaller the gun the greater the recoil. I won't carry it if I'm not comfortable practicing with it. If you have a range close by that has rentals, take your wife there and let her try as many different models as she can before she decides what best suits her. :)
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    A G26 is also easier to conceal.
  11. Glocks are of course my favorite sidearm, but I gotta admit, a few months ago I purchased Sig p238. At the time I was a little skeptical being that the little buger cost 500 bucks, but after firing a few hundred rounds through it I havent looked back. That little gun is worth every penny. It shoots where you point it, recoil feels like a .22, and I havent had one malfunction yet(using sig mags and Colt mustang mags). All of the controls are very easy to use and the slide actions with not a whole lot muscle required. I would highly recommend getting her hands on one, and if possible, shooting one!

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    Yes, check S&W's web site out.
  13. ChromeDome

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    Thanks to all of you guys and "gal" for your input. I'm looking into all of your suggestions. I will post an update when she makes a decision. I know everyone likes pictures and my wife loves to mess with her camera, so I'll see what I can do.