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  1. ace43809

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    I'm looking for a holster for my 19 gen4. Just wondering what suggestions you all had. Would like to get a IWB and OWB eventually so any suggestions would be great. Im leaning slightly toward waiting a leather one but are there any big advantages to the kydex ones. Also I would like to consider the forum vendors before going to other sources. Thanks in advance!
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    If you're looking for an IWB holster, crossbreed style holsters are THE best. Amazing comfort for all day carry. Your guns slide won't be making contact with your body and pushing into your side, and it holds the gun at just the right angle to minimize printing. I bought mine's locally from Red www.RedsHolsters.webs.com great guy! I've been using it non stop for my Glock 19. I've used a lot of different holsters throughout the years and this one is the best. I highly recommend him, he uses quality materials and doesn't use thin, flimsy pieces of leather like some other manufacturers...
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  3. CDR_Glock

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    Leather, Like Milt Sparks or Galco, are stiff and require a break in for a smooth draw.

    Kydex only, are rigid and some are uncomfortable (not all). OWB like the Blackhawk Serpa are bulky and require proper technique. They can be outright dangerous for the novice. Many Kydex molded holsters are rigid and do not allow for adjustable cants except for Mike P's design through their website.

    Suede are too soft limiting reholstering.

    Hybrids like the Crossbreed Supertuck, Kholster, and Shielded Holsters Phalanx are comfortable. They conform to the body, allow for a smooth draw, and all safe reholstering with proper technique. The cant is adjustable.

    I have 3 Shielded Holsters Phalanx for a Glock 30, Glock 23/27/36, and Snubby. I have 1 Crossbreed Supertuck for a Sig P220/Springfield XDM 9mm compact. The Cut of a shielded Holster is symmetric and more comfortable. Metal clips are more comfortable than Kydex J clips. They are more stable and keep the holster in place while trying to draw. Some holsters tend to move up a bit which could add a fraction of a second, unless you're the type to just yank.
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  4. Check out the holsters from N82tactical.com ! They are really reasonable, offer a polycarbonate model, and they're the most comfortable holster I've ever used! LOVE it! Plus they're hand-made and 100% made in the USA!:D

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    I have carried for over 36 years serious, service size pistols and continue to do so daily. In leather I prefer horse hide and I own all the high end custom holsters. For the past two years I have gone all kydex with Comp-tac holsters and magazine carriers. They are a well established company that will build your holster in 3 days and ship it fast. Com-tac offers many models, mounting options, and a no hassle return policy and great customer service. I wear their all kydex IWB holsters for long time periods with total comfort. Bill
  6. Not all of them.
  7. I beg to differ from personal experience and the testimony of our customers.
  8. havasu

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    I would PM our own vendor, Mike P, for any holster wishes or concerns. He makes a quality product with 100% positive feedback!
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Ill be have to look at them all and get a better idea of what will fit me best. Are there any decent holsters that can be both IWB and OWB. And does anyone have and experience with them?
  10. We actually offer a combo set up to where you can use our standard OWB as IWB by changing the hardware. Granted not as comfortable as a dedicated IWB but does the trick.
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    Ok I would be interested in looking at those. It is easiest to just visit your website
  12. The combo unit isn't listed on the site.

    Here's a link to a thread with a sample of the combo with the IWB straps installed......


    Here's a couple links where members here have purchased...



    If you want something not listed on the site just PM me.
  13. I am another very satisfied customer of MikeP. Like the OWB kydex he made for my G21. I use it for the range, IDPA, and training mainly. I will use it for CC during cooler weather when wearing a jacket.

    For IWB, I wear a Crossbreed super tuck. I like it a lot.
  14. Glockmaster

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    I also like MikeP. But I carry my G23&27 in my n82tactical Pro most of the time.

    Both make an outstanding product ;)

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  15. ace43809

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    When you use a kydex holster does it cause any extra wear on the gun that you wouldn't get in a leather one? I'm leaning toward kydex for OWB.
  16. KingSanchez

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    I have a few holsters. Serpa for the range, kydex for carry. But I do have to say.... I ordered one from Mike P and right now it's my favorite OWB holster. It's very comfortable for me, even when I'm sitting in my car which has been a huge problem with all my holsters.

    There have been a few times when my friends have commented and asked why I wasn't carrying on certain days but I was and I was using the holster I got from Mike P.
  17. Awesome! That speaks volumes on how our holsters hold tight to the body. As a OWB a normal T-shirt conceals them just fine.

    I can carry a full size 17 in one with next to zero printing.

    Thanks KingSanchez. :cool:
  18. GastonGlock

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    With kydex (or any holster really) make sure to clean the inside with a microfiber cloth every few days, keeping any contaminants out will help reduce holster wear when holstering and unholstering the gun.
  19. ace43809

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    Thanks again for all the suggestions. I believe I'll be placing an order for a Kydex holster from MikeP for OWB use. Everyone seems to be very happy with his products. And I'll be doing more research on the different IWB holsters you all suggested. Thanks again
  20. CDR_Glock

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    I've been using a Kydex Leather for over 2 years. No problems, here with wear. I read that leather can cause wear.