Looking for a tungsten gen 4 guide rod

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    Where can I find one for a cheap price or lowest price...
  2. Argyle64

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    Why would you change the RSA of a Gen4?


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    eBay or Glockmeister...


    Because I want to see if there's a difference
  5. Argyle64

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    There is. The new Gen4 RSA will provide you with less perceived recoil. The tungsten is not heavy enough for you to notice any difference in recoil between it and the Gen 3 RSA. The Gen4 RSA is a huge blessing for Glocks.


    The tungsten is heavier then stock rod guide. So I'm confused. Your telling me. That a steel guide rod is not heavier then the stock plastic?
  7. Glockmaster

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    It is most defiantly heavier than the Stock RSA. I have the Glockmeister SS guide rod in both of mine.

    But honestly switching back and fourth between the stock and the SS guide rods I couldn't tell the difference between the 2. Except the SS looks sweet. ;)


    I agree it does look nice! Considering its steel. And I have a stainless steel conversion barrel I just picked up, so I'm sure the tungsten or ss rod would look great, an probably function just as good as the stock. I like to try everything to see if there's a difference. If its the same then it's always a welcome cosmetic upgrade
  9. Argyle64

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    Yes, it is heavier but you will not notice a difference in muzzle flip or recoil or performance. In fact, compared to the Gen4 RSA, the steel guide may actually produce MORE perceived recoil.
  10. Nyckid211

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    Not to discount your claims, but I've read a few reviews from users who have said what you have said with the exception of performance. A few of the product reviewers said they shot tighter groups after switching out their RSA.

    Maybe it's just their wishful thinking, but if you decide to get the spring, AMERICANINFIDEL, please let me know how it works out for you!
  11. MrG2286

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    Argyle is right, though, you'll feedback difference because you want to. It's subconscious. I did notice added weight in the front when I put mine in, but can't really say for sure if it helped recoil, as I didn't feel a difference between that and stock.
  12. ncnrmedic

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    Whether you notice a difference in performance or not usually has more to do with the spring than the rod. But it's always wise to replace the Glock factory rod as it tends to wear faster than any other part, and can break pretty easily. I've replaced all of mine to tungsten, and I think it was money well spent.

    Got mine from GlockStore, they're usually about the same as everyone else on price, but their service and their reputation for good business earned them mine.
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    What about the conversion kit that allows you to run the Gen 3 style guide in the Gen 4? Any benefit to that? Also hear that some parts of the new Gen 4 are made in China....if so what are they and should we replace them as well?
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    I sorry new guy but what's the RSA and the SS rods. I know about the Steele and the Gen 4
  15. RRoss

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    "RSA"-Recoil Spring Assembly: consists of 2 springs and a guide rod going through the middle of them.

    "SS"- Stainless Steel- Heavier than the OEM plastic or "polymer" rod, the steel offers more weight to (supposedly) help offset felt recoil. These are also available in Tungsten (much heavier than stainless) for 2x the price.
  16. CaptainJack

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    Worth every penny though. tungsten does help -but also increases forward gun weight considerably.
  17. Is this worth me upgrading in my Gen 4 22??? Anyone got a part number??? I assume it is a drop in mod???;) thanks!!!
  18. zbrewer

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    Yes it's a drop-in mod, whether it's worth it is up to you. It is something I have been thinking about getting but am holding off for now.

    The thought behind it is that the extra weight in the front of the weapon will keep the muzzle from jumping up so much after you fire a shot.

    Here is a link to it:
  19. Cool thanks for the info!!!