Looking at a Glock but still not sure...

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    Ok, I've been a long time fan of my Colt 1911 A1. It's circa WWII, actually manufactured in 1936 as it was my grandfather's sidearm in Germany. won't go into the whole story but let's just say it should be under a street somewhere but he accidentally forgot to obey the order to toss it in front of a steamroller and it made it's way back home.

    I LOVE that thing and I've probably put 10,000 rounds through it at least. It's too big for a concealed carry though and I'm looking for and EDC and I'm really trying to decide between a pocket and an inside the belt.

    I know I don't want a .380 and if I go Glock it'll be Gen 4. I'm entertaining 9mm, .40 and 45 but I think .45 might end up being too big.

    I searched in this sub-forum and while there where a couple of threads where the 1911 was discussed I'm specifically looking for anyone who has switched or switches between a 1911 in .45 and Glock on a regular basis...if that makes sense. I know mechanics and trigger pull and recoil are all going to be different, I've been shooting most of my life, but sometimes you can find a 'sweet spot' and other's experiences can help me narrow it down.

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Dark_Light !!

    "...if I go Glock it'll be Gen 4. I'm entertaining 9mm, .40 and 45 but I think .45 might end up being too big ..."

    .45 being too big how ?! grip / width ? That old 1911a1 holds 7+1 and a ultra thin Glock 36 (.45) holds 6+1...

    Having said that...my EDC is a G30 SF...10+1 in .45ACP
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    I was a 1911 guy for a long time also. I initially did not like Glocks. My first time shooting one was a 1st gen G17 waaay back in the late 80s. Then the Army took away my 1911 and gave me an M9. :(

    Long story short, I participated in an indoor GSSF match at my LGS and was "reintroduced" to the new Gen 3 Glocks and I was a convert.

    I've always loved the .45 ACP round but felt the G21 was too big for my hands....and then the dealer showed me the G30SF, gave me 10 rounds and said "try this". It was love at first squeeze. I now own one of my own. :D

    So, I guess what I'm saying is: if you like the .45ACP round but are concerned about size (although I know there are guys & gals that CC a G21 with no problems) then I highly recommend you look at the G30 & G30SF..

    Can't beat 10+1 of .45 goodness! ;)
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    I have G27 and picking up a G19 very soon. My 27 is a great gun great to shoot and very easy to break down and clean
  5. You know what they say . . . A 1911 is what you show your friends, a Glock is what you show your enemies !!!
  6. chris

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    I agree 100 % . I own both as well . I carry my g27 and safe queen my 1911.
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    I recently bought a gen4 27 and have just now put about 250 rounds through it last week. It does have a little more pop than a 1911 I think just because its so small. But when taking my time between shots I put four shots in a closer grouping than my buddy with his new s&w 1911 from give or take 25 yards... I would say get a 27. I carry mine iwb and have no issues with printing or anything with the frame being as small as it works great for me. So if you're looking for a carry gun I would say you can't go wrong with it

  8. Look, let me break this down for you.
    1. Stick with Gen 3, Gen 4 still has its bugs to work out, and you'll save $100
    2. Go with the Glock 22 if you're looking for a .40, I agree, .45 sometimes is just too big, .40 has plenty of knockdown power.
    3. If you like the feel of the 1911 and want that on your glock, get the beavertail grip extension... gives you a similar feel for decently cheap.
  9. bfish

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    Well that is a matter of perspective. The only way you will save $100 is if you're buying used. The difference between the gen3 and gen4 is $43 after tax. So for $43 you're getting an extra mag and the newer generation! That of course is relative to your shops pricing but seems to hold true... As far as "bugs" there was a small issue with the recoil spring that glock which has been corrected on all gen4 glocks sold sometimes in the summer like June or August but even those that experienced issues prior to this date glock sent new springs to them. All gen4 glocks work fine end of story.... If you're wanting to carry you don't want a 22 which would be larger like the 1911 smaller is the whole point of the post to begin with. But I'm guessing you're smart enough to know all of this so I just wanted to throw back in my two cents and say don't be discouraged from gen4 especially if that's what you want! And any of the compact or subcompact models will work its just up to personal preference. Pick them up hold them see how they carry if you want compacts or sub I personally like my sub 40 (27) more than the compact 9 (19) which I have also carried. But you honestly can't go wrong just get what your hear desires! But I digress and apologize for the book haha but please post your decision and let us know what you pick up
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    As Shakespeare wrote, "Get thee to a nunnery!", or in our case, a gun store with a range that rents Glocks. :D Spend some money and have a ball. And when you're done (doesn't have to be on the first trip), you'll know just which one of Gaston Glock's plastic fantastics you want. Take your main squeeze, too. It'll make it easier to buy more guns if she likes it, too.;)
  11. If you're going to buy brand new, sign up for a two year GSSF membership ($60) and use the coupon, good for about $100-$200 off LGS prices.

    By joining (and staying) you'll get a new coupon each year. There are other benefits, but I'll just point you in the right direction.


    Not that there's anything wrong with a used Glock. Even police trade ins can be cleaned up and will operate beautifully.
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    That is what I did! 3 yr membership for $80 and a card to use once per year. I got a gen4 23 for $425 brand new! So basically the membership was covered on the first gun. Only problem is now i have to buy one each year...... :)
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    And that's a problem?
  14. ^^^ I lol'd
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    I just pulled the trigger on a gen4 26. I'm fond of the 9 mm. I hav a gen 4 23 and a rtf2 17. I prefer the 17 for range. I've had multiple 1911's and love them. Had a Wilson's comp gun which as anyone knows is high dollar! When it comes to bullseye I wouldn't consider anything other than a built 1911 but in action or real life scenario I prefer glock. As anything it fits me and not everyone. Shoot whatever you can and base your decision on that. I am a lefty so that was what really turned me toward a glock and I'll never turn back
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    Welcome to the Forum!
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    I have owned and carried several 1911's, from full size to smaller carry. In my opinion, the 1911 is too big and heavy for concealed carry, and is does not feed all ammo reliably. I now carry a Gen4 19. Glocks are the most comfortable handgun I have carried. No thumb safety to rub your side, light enough for all day carry, and they feed anything you put in the pipe. I have sold all of my 1911's except one, which stays in the safe. I can not praise the Glocks enough.

  18. hahahah I totally blanked on the EDC part of this post lol my bad, but yeah DONT get the 22 for EDC, depends if you want the Compact or subcompact.... I would go to a range and fire em both if you want to try em out
  19. jimmyalbrecht

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    Go shoot a Glock, and your decision will be easy haha. Any caliber 9mm and up with modern ammo will be sufficient.
  20. peggy

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    I agree if you go and shoot one you will fall in love! I LOVE my 23 40cal. It fits my hand perfect and is easy to carry. The reputation of Glock speaks for itself.