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    ive been seeing videos with glocks with longer barrels and wanted one for my g22.i tried my g22 barrel in my g27 ...not a good fit.im not looking for the threaded ones just a barrel thats 1 inch longer than my slide.
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    I was told they have different locking lugs. (full size to baby glock) However, you can use the compact in the sub compact.

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    Those are nice thanks for the info.
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    What would a ported barrel do for me.less flip are what.clueless
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    Your correct, it is suppose to help with recoil/flip. When you start looking at barrels, you'll find a few companies that make them.
    Here are a few at the Glockstore: http://glockstore.com/index/2_Barrels/

    Some others:
    KKM Precision
    EFK Fire Dragon

    There is also threaded barrels, and you can add a multi-port compensator for even more recoil management. Something like this:
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  8. I almost wish I'd have gotten my LWD G30 barrel extended with the 2-Port. It would have looked Uber Cool with the G21+2 mag I have. Of course I'd have had to get G21 holsters for the gun to fit with the extended barrel but still, not a huge deal.
    Also, something else to think about, ports need pressure to work properly. Generally a high pressure ctg. like a 38Super +P, 40S&W, 10mm Auto work well with ports. I don't think in my case with the lower pressure 45acp they'd have done much except look cool. :D
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    any pix of the extended barrels in a glock?
  10. Blades

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    You just need an open bottom holster, let the barrel hang out. :)
    It probably still helps a little with follow up shots, and staying on target. There is still a lot of "umph" behind a .45acp.
    Also you can shoot .45acp +P, .45 Super, and .450 SMC(stronger spring recommended for the last two).
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