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Lonewolf Werewolf

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Is anyone using the Werewolf in competitions?

If you are, how is it performing and does it (.40 cal) take G22 mags?
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I do not have the Werewolf; however, I did run the Timberwolf frame for USPSA this year. I transferred the parts off of a Gen 3 G22 and it runs flawlessly. Ergos feel really nice. My only grief is that Lonewolf's magwell tolerances are based off Glock's new production mags. I live in MA so all my mags are preban. The older mag bodies bulge more when loaded. This causes them to go in tight when loaded. An empty mag will drop free without issue.
my buddy had this issue (but for different reasons) we laid the mag (from floor plate up) on my Delta bench sander with 220grit than polished with the wheel on the sander, now it's smooth as can be and no resistance upon loading.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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