Lone Wolf Slides and Barrels.

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by uriahblues, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. uriahblues

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    I am thinking about converting my Glock 21 into a longslide with products from Lone Wolf Distributers. However, I have seen a couple of videos on youtube from people who have had nothing but problems with the LW barrels and slides. They complained of the slides locking up and not going back into battery. Also complaints, from youtube and various forums, about barrls that have to be polished several times before they will function properly. Some comments said that LW has yet to make a batch of slides that met Glock specs. One person complained that he could push his rear sight out of the frame with his finger. What are your experiences with Lone Wolf Distributers products? Have you had any problems? All comments and opinions are welcomed. I would like a 21 longslide, but not if I am buying into a headache to get it.
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    I love Lone Wolf products but there are some things on a Glock you have to leave factory. I think the slide, frame, and barrel are some of the components I would leave stock, unless you're getting a suppressor and need a threaded barrel.