Diggin on your Glock but really wish they made an AR-15 style lower that accepted 9mm magazines? Well, it looks like Lone Wolf just coughed that bad boy up. That's right, they call it the G9, and its an AR pistol, with a very Glocky tie in.


Lone Wolf has long been one of the super players in the Glock accessory game and it seems like they have heard the call of the masses for a pistol caliber AR-lower that accepts Glock mags. Now they aren't the first with the concept of a pistol/carbine that utilized the good old fashioned G17 9mm mags. There is Just Right who has made this their bread and butter, and of course Kel Tec that has run their SUB-2000 series foldable carbines for a decade. The big difference between those two guns and the Lone Wolf G9 is that they are very much still considered rifles by the ATF, while the LW offering is for all intents and purposes, a legal pistol.


Yup, under the GCA of 1968 and the NFA of 1934, this is still a pistol, as certified by ATF. Better yet, its a pistol that uses Glock 17 mags.

What is the deal?

Pistol caliber AR-15s have been around for decades ever since Colt produced the old SMG (which they still have in the stable) . Over the years, many have copied this concept and used old STEN or UZI 32-round stick mags as they were cheap and plentiful. However, the thing is, who carries a pistol that uses these mags?

Crickets...the wind...more crickets.

Lone Wolf is selling these complete lowers with a receiver mag well that is specifically set up to accommodate Glock 17 series mags. The beautiful thing about this is that .357 SIG, .40S&W, and .45GAP mags are the same size envelope to work as well. Heck even the 5.7x28mm can work in this lower. This is a big bonus, which makes the gun capable of using an AR-57 upper besides standard AR pistol uppers ones set up for .40S&W, 9mm, and .357/.45GAP.

Currently the company is only selling two sizes of 9mm uppers (10.5 and 16-inch) and a 5.7x28mm. However if you look around you can find any number of offerings out there. (They do note that non-Lone Wolf branded uppers may require gunsmithing and that Olympic Arms upper receivers are just plain old not compatible, but other than that, have a blast!)


Wolf is selling these in two variants, one with a foam-covered pistol tube, the other with a KAK Industries extended pistol tube with Sig SB-15 Arm Brace. Both versions feature a receiver that is CNC machined from Mil-spec 7075 aluminum forging and uses 8620 Series Chromalloy Steel (mil-spec) trigger parts. Depending on which you go for, you are looking at $420-$556 (great numbers!).


The Arm Brace version is the higher as remember, those run a good $150 and are white-hot right now following the ATF's ruling that using one, even as a shoulder support, does not make a long barreled pistol a Class III short-barreled rifle.


(Rifle version shown with a Slide Fire SSAR-15 Bump Fire Stock at Lone Wolf's R&D. Seems like such a dirty job)

For those that want to go with a full rifle option, they sell a carbine version with a mil-std 6-position M4 style tube/stock assembly that runs closer to $390.

As a word of warning, they are telling everyone upfront that these lowers do not take KHAN or SGM Tactical 33 Round 9mm mags so if you have a huge stock of those sticks and are looking at one of these builds to take care of that-- keep looking.

However, if you have a big old box full of Glock factory mags and are itching for an AR that takes them, Lone Wolf and your local FFL may be waiting for your call.

If you get one, let us know how it works out!