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So I purchased and installed a Lone Wolf Extended Slide Lock Lever ( To be blunt I was not impressed.

First off, the part is ugly. The piece is very uneven dimension wise. I don't know how the part is made but it isn't impressive. The OEM Glock piece is clearly of higher quality.

Second, while it is slight longer than the OEM piece it really isn't that much better in terms of take down. Of course I don't have any problem using the stock part so YMMV.

I paid just under $15 with shipping for this part ($4.99 for shipping via USPS is insane). Overall I don't feel it was a good buy. The part works and it is staying in my G34 for now but I would not recommend buying one if you are in the market.

Am I the only one that feels this way or does everyone else with the Lone Wolf ESLL like theirs?
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