Local favorites places to eat?? Pictures?

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    I love going to our local restaraunts! Not that the cahins don't have their place , I just love a little local place and where I go we have literally hundreds of little towns and I have a place that's my favorite in evry town. Here are a few of mine to start Do you have some in your town?
    Barbeque to die for here!!
    places to eat1.jpg

    Best Damn reuben sandwich in Florida!!
    places to eat 2.jpg
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    I live on a city just south of Omaha, and it kills me but they only have like two local places... Everything else is franchise, I miss mom and pop diners =\

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    I live in south Louisiana the best food his home cooked food here. But there are so many good little hole in the wall restaurants that it's hard to pick just one!
  4. dutchs

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    I am gonna keep posting as the month go on. I travel all over north Florida and I am sure of at least 100 places!! I am a big fan of local businesses! Especially Restaurants!
  5. image-2197385876.jpg

    Bahamas Caribbean Grill, Orlando FL
    Best cracked conch, conch fritters, jerk chicken...
  6. image-3258155432.jpg

    Bahama Breeze, Tampa FL

    GREAT Caribbean food served in a laid back, relaxing atmosphere. Located directly on Tampa Bay. Million dollar view! One of my favorite places to take visiting friends and family.
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    I have been there!! That's a great place! I think? Is it out by the airport?
  8. That's it! Just talking about the place makes me hungry.
  9. Great idea for a thread by the way.
    Glocks + food = two of my favorite things!
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    Amazing Dinner Lunch and Brunch
    Fri Diner
    Sat Breakfast for guest Lunch and Dinner
    Sun Awesome Brunch