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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by trigger, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. trigger

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    Is it better to carry a loaded glock 19 or carry it unloaded?
  2. havasu

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    In Beirut, Lebanon, where your IP address is from, I would imagine definitely loaded.

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum trigger !!
  4. dslmac2

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    Welcome trigger,

    Why carry if it is unloaded?
  5. david1962hd

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    Exactly!!! If your going to carry it unloaded, why not just carry a pocket full of rocks?
  6. Happysniper1

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    ....I will try very hard not to go there....:D
  7. Welcome to the forums trigger!

    If legally allowed, you would be putting yourself in more danger carrying it unloaded.

    I personally carry my weapons loaded and chambered in an easily accessible holster
  8. havasu

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    I will not comment, I will not comment... :)
  9. Lots of self control being displayed here today! lol
  10. Glockmaster

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    There is no reason to carry a sidearm if you are not going to carry it +1. You may think you will have time to rack the slide BUT think again my friend it's not going to happen!

    It's ALWAYS better to be prepared than unprepaired.
  11. fls348

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    Here we go again with this argument.

    FULLY loaded

    I'm sure all the ones without any common sense will start coming out of the wood-work.

    Let's make it simple, find me one example of any agency that carries C2. If they don't you shouldn't.
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  12. If you are asking about it I'm going to assume you own a G19. Which means you have shot it hopefully and know what it takes to pull the trigger. With that said there is no reason to fear it, walking around in C1. You know its not going to just go off sitting on your hip.
  13. My opinion is that if you arent going to carry one in the pipe, you would do better not to carry at all
  14. Kmurray96

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    Beirut? Damn, son. I hope you're not only carrying loaded, I hope you're carrying at least one spare mag.
  15. So you guys are saying if I come up behind you and bash you in the head and keep bashing you. You will be able to draw and shot me!!! I'm just asking? So really it is up to what ever you want loaded or not. It's always funny hearing that you should leave your gun at home if you don't carry +1. So after bash your head in, I won't have to rack it thanks.
  16. Just because you carry a gun doesn't not garruntee you will walk away from a bad situation. It's all about having the opportunity to defend your self. Having a round in the chamber only puts the odds more in your favor cause it's one less thing to do. If you own a Glock, you've done your homework on how it works and you understand all this. I have a hard time understanding how you wouldn't want to carry C1.
    If someone gets the jump on you the best thing you could do is comply in my opinion unless you want to engage in a shoot out from point blank range.
  17. +1 to that
  18. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syxrpLbaEuY[/ame]
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  20. Yep... I've only ever watched this video from her....

    How'd you know?