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    Just curious if there are any members with continual pains ? I hurt my back about 5 years ago and it has gotten to the point of no return . I have gained 60+ pounds. Nothing seems to make it better and I have almost exhausted my options . IDK what to do . I am only 39 years old but I feel like I am 79. I have had trigger point injections , nerve block ( burning the nerve ends) on both sides of my spine , and have been on narcotic pain medication the entire time ranging from Cyclobenzaprine ( flexiril) to 5mg vicodon to 7.5 mg to 10 mg to oxycodone , patches and while the meds fool my brain to thinking I'm not in pain as soon as they wear off its back . I was very athletic when younger . having 3 kids makes life tough as I am very limited to what I can do . No rides at theme parks , no walks , long drive are insanely painful..Just sucks !!!!!
  2. Last April I crushed a lower disc in my spin which pinched a nerve against my spine that went down my left leg. That nerve ran down the back of my left and into my two toes by my big toe. Its a really weird feeling, feeling were your nerves run. When it first happened for the first two weeks my left legs was on fire and numb in a couple of places, muscles were so tight in my leg it felt like I ripped a muscle. All most brought me to tears. It got to the point were I figured I better go see what it was. So the doc told me that I had a crushed lower disc in my back that was pinching a nerve cause all of my pain.

    They gave me pain killers and steroids to help build of the muscle around the disc and gave me a list of back exercise to do. He said it will take around 3 months to heal, well a year and one month later I still feel the pain but it has moved to my right leg now. It took me 3 months till I was able to sleep on my side with no pain. An that is the way I sleep is on my side, so it was a long 3 month of trying to sleep other ways without feeling pain. Here in the past month I have been waking up with little to no pain. :D

    It still feels 100% better then what it was a year ago but it still gives me pain. I walk with a limp sometimes cause I cant extend my right leg to far or else I will feel pain. All so feel a knot in my right ass cheek.

    My dad that has had hip pain for the last year went to a chiropractor and is trying to get me to go to. He says that all he feels is about 5 to 10 minutes of hip pain every day when he wakes up and then doesn't feel nothing for the rest of the day. Compared to feeling hip pain everyday, all day. My sister all so went to the same chiropractor and her knee and back pain is gone and she was like you, could barely drive cause it hurt to bad. An she says that she feels no more pain.

    So yea I'm thinking about going to the same chiropractor for my back pain. You should all so look into a chiropractor and see if they can help you. If you all ready haven't. Only problem is, some health insurances cover chiropractors and some don't.

    We just need a 20, 30 year long vacation to relax and heal. :D
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    Yes, I've been there. I have had two back surgeries with a spinal fusion. My pain was so bad I couldn't sleep, sit, or walk without the assistance of a cane. My wife had to role me over and pull me out of bed because I couldn't move. She had to help me put my pants on. My daughter had to put my socks on for me and tie my boots because I couldn't bend over.

    Take this for what it's worth:

    Change your diet, make yourself get some exercise, and loose weight (diet is key). Results are not going to come over night, but mentally you will feel better knowing you have taken the first step and actually doing something about it. In time physically you will feel better. All that extra weight is making it worse...physically..... and mentally. Right now you're in a "self licking ice cream cone" situation. Pain is preventing you from exercising....that's the bad news....the good news is you're not going to do it. Ween yourself off those narcotics. Whether you realize it or not it is changing your demeanor, because you will find yourself looking forward to that next hit, then it turns into the most important event in the day for you, often at the expense of your family. So now the narcotics are not only being used to mask the pain, it is also being used to mask your mental well being.

    Like I said, do something...start dieting and exercising. 5 years ago you were 60lbs lighter, what will you weigh 5 years from now? What other health problems will you develop as a result of the weight gain and unhealthy diet? I would be more worried about heart desease right now. It's not too late.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear, but like I've said...I've been there.
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    WOW you guy's make me feel fortunate, I have had 11 operations on my knees, 5 on the left and 6 on the right. Yeah they hurt everyday but I choose to ignore them for now.
  5. Im on vicodin every day of my life. Due to legal reasons i cant get into the injury but it sucks.
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    I've been out of work almost two years. I'm improving, but it is slow going. I have Chronic Human Parvovirus B-19(Fifths Disease)- which has caused me to develop an unbearable bone pain/ache and chronic fatigue. It hurts to sleep/sit/stand/hold my toothbrush(on bad days) almost anything. I was worried when I purchased my G30 that it would cause more pain in my hand and I would have to get rid of it. The bones were sore, but I was able to use my hand the next day. I have good days where I can leave the house for a few hours, but then I pay for my "fun" with pain, and it takes a day or two before I can be active again(You should see my yard, I need to mow my grass :) ) My wife can tell when I'm having a very bad time because my voice changes, it hurts to breath deep and expand my ribcage, which affects my voice.
    I also had Thyroid Cancer and my thyroid was removed last year in two surgeries.
    I have a few other minor things wrong and am taking medication and vitamin supplements to help.

    Other then that I am happy and my luck is good. ;)
    I'll be 45 this November and I hope to return to work someday soon. I'm tired of feeling tired and sitting at home all the time while my wife(who has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis) works a full time job. Good times.
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    I have two birth defects in my back. I'm missing a bone on my spine that keeps my spine straight. Some mornings are worst than others. But I live every waking moment in pain. For personal reasons I take no pain meds. There's not to much you can do for back pain.
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    WOW . looks like we can have a lil support group right here . @ Gunner I agree man . About a year ago I started walking a little at a time and got up to 3 miles 2x a day . I lost like 30 lbs , looked and felt great ! then I pushed myself too far and started going to the gym ( without doctor permission) and I hurt my back again. I know what I need to do . Btw you nailed it with the mental masking and making me feel better . I def need to get off these damn pills . They are tough man > Appreciate you guys sharing !
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    I was in a bad trucking accident on New years Eve 2001 and now live with very severe back pain. I was diagnosed with Severe Adhesive Arachnoiditis which is basically the clumping of your nerve roots. Worse than sciatic nerve pain and I take high doses of Morphine. Right now I'm waiting to be scheduled for surgery for the Morphine Pump which will not be much fun but will provide a much higher relief of the pain. I am 59 years old now and having been living with with this for a long time and the pain is just getting a great deal worse. I know how you feel I find it very difficult to do and enjoy much of anything even my grandchildren. The pain is so out of control I'm at my wits end and it makes it difficult on other family members too. Especially with my wife never knowing how the pain is going to affect my mood. It's very difficult to do much of anything without suffering extreme pain in a very short time of taking on any activity. So I'm hoping this surgery will make a huge difference in my life. I feel for anyone going through anything like this. Hope you can find some relief.

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    I to have to live in pain with my back. I've been on 40mg of methadone for 3 years now. The doctors my new one that is. He is against methadone and is trying to wing me off.

    Talk about hell.. If I would of known these pills were addicting at first I would have stayed away.

    But now I have to have my 4 pills a day or I'm sick like a dog.

    My back pain is due to being 6'6 and having 2 bad falls when I was a roofer in my younger days 18-21. Now I'm 35
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    I hear that Joe . Yesterday was an extremely bad day for me . Pretty much bed ridden . Im looking for a new doc or at least a 2nd opinion . I feel like I'm treading water and never really making any progress ! Good luck to you as well !!!
  12. Is anybody taking Lyrika? My doc just put me on this yesterday afternoon, have not taken my first yet. I hate new medications. Sounds like some wacky side effects.
  13. I'm not sure what any of your takes are in medical marijuana and most places in the us are illegal but I would go on the black market if it's illegal or go to a dispensary if in Cali and get CBD drops or pills. It's a natural pain killer end anti-inflammatory among many other things. Most doctors are aware of it's benefits but it competes with norco for pain killing yet isn't tricking your body into anything. All I can say is try it.
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    I just moved to Austin and had to find a new doc so before he would do the Morphine Pump Implant he of course wanted to try other options. The Morphine Pump is as extreme as it gets. Anyhow he put me on Lyrica and I didn't get any relief from it. One of the side effects is weight gain which I'm sure you didn't want to hear. I have been on just about every Class A narcotic out there and got the most relief from Morphine. Hope it works for you good luck.

  15. Thanks for letting me know
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    I have never had that.I too hate new **** man , but honestly I am scared to death of the long term side effects I am sure to be facing in the next 10 years.

    I am on Norco now 4x a day . Being from Florida there is NO way Med Mj is gonna happen . Which is surprising because there are a lot of elderly who are in a lot of pain . I don't think Id be opposed to trying it .

    Notice the furthest South is Delaware on the East coast lol
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    Ok... I just got a cervical fusion after a mayor car accident. c6 and c7 fused.The only reason you gaining weight, is that those meds are making you constipaded. Irregular bowls movements,keeping your food longer in your stomach and body taking all the fat and calories. When you take them meds.Drink plenty of water and yes eat 6 to 8 prunes between meals to digest the food better. I know what you going thru. I gained 50pds now Im back to normal. Go for easy walks to help your body digest. It worked for me. I was very depressed. Also Milk of magnesia it helps alot also. Them are strong narcotics!!! Your body is reacting to them......

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    I wish you the best...I understand your concern. Been there..
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    The depression is tough at times as well , but I'm pretty mentally strong .I also have a pretty good support group .