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  1. Hi all,
    I am looking for some advice on a nice little gun safe. I would like to store my Glock in my bedroom and be able to open it decently quick. I have been looking at GunVault, Bulldog, or SentrySafe and they all seem to have people that say each one would fail if someone one was trying to break in. I dont have kids or anything so that is not my concern. I just dont want anyone walking around with my pretty glock while I am not at home or something. Any suggestions? Anybody own one and can testify? I am looking to spend under 150 if possible.
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    I'm thinking that a safe that sells for less than $150 will get carried out and opened at the burglars home.

    Maybe if you hide it by attaching a holster to the back of a night stand or to a wall that is hidden by a drape.

    Or maybe one of these. I found these at BJ's Wholesale for like $25


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    I have a Barska Compact safe. 1 shelf, 3 entry methods, and VERY well built. it does run about $30 more than what you said you were looking to spend, however, if it keeps your glock out of their hands it's worth it.
    Opticsplanet has exellent customer service and the safe is SOLID when secured properly.
    Just a hint with safe placement; put it somewhere that they aren't likely to look if they are rushing to grab things. A safe won't keep theives out, all it'll do is offer enough resistance to make it not worth their time during a snatch & grab. Most burglers will opt for electronics over spending the time trying to bust up a wall or floor to get a safe that has who knows what in it. They would rather go for the sure thing and get gone before someone catches them.
    Good luck, and do your research before buying
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    I have a full size safe in my closet which is about 8' from my bed . When I am home and awake I open carry . When I go to bed my guns are in the safe on day lock ( I run the Combe , open it , close the door , turn the dial about 5 numbers off ) this way of a thief or one of my kids turns the handle it seems locked . If I need to get in I turn it about a 1/4 " and it's open .

    Even though my kids are WELL trained on the do's and dont's of gums I refuse to take the chance .
  5. You have unrealistic expectations for your budget. Locks and safes only keep honest people honest. Guns have been stolen from in home vaults that cost 100x what your budget is.

    Also you want:

    1) Ability to access fairly quickly
    2) Theft protection

    You may pick one of these, you simply cannot have both. A happy budget friendly middle ground is a nano safe bolted into the floor. I would use this for when you are not home, and keep the gun on the nightstand while you sleep. If you do not have kids there is really no reason to fumble with a safe at 3am when something happens.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper


    I use a Winchester pistol box bolted to the bottom of my bed when I have to lock it up. It was $25 at Walmart.
  7. Thanks for all of the advice.. I definitely needed to be educated.
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    I have a in the car and you can easily hide/mount it somewhere in the house. I also have a couple of Bunker Hill small safes that I got from Harbor Freight. They're not super special, but they are quick and they are under $100. You can bolt them to the floor or the wall, hardware included, and just like anything else, they'll slow down a burglar. I used to keep one of the smaller ones in a hall closet. I put it behind other stuff that was easy to slide out of the way, but when it was in front of the safe, you'd never know the safe was there and it was stuff no one would steal anyway, which helped reduce the chances of it being found.
  10. FAS1

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    There are several different brands available that are constructed a little heavier and will be harder to damage and gain access. The will range from 14 to 7 guage steel and use mechanical pushbutton locks. The price range will start at about the $150.00 range and go up as the steel gets thicker and the box gets stronger. Some will be able to mount in a drawer, but that's not really a good location as someone can simply take the drawer along with you gun and safe. I would try to secure it to something solid if not a wall or anchor to the floor near your bed. The small inexpensive 18 guage handgun boxes are great for travelling but they offer no theft deterant. The cable is easily cut with a standard pair of dikes and a two handed grip. They also are either keyed of have a 3 digit dial combo lock. Neither can be opened in the dark so don't depend on them for your HD gun.
  11. bhale187

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    If you want cheap, small and fairly secure against burglary you'll have to go with concealment. Even the big $1000 safes can be broken into within a couple minutes, search youtube and you'll see there's not much short of a vault safe room that will keep anyone out for long.

    I'd consider a wall safe with a picture over it

    or maybe a desk clock safe if you don't want to cut into a wall
  12. FAS1

    FAS1 Active Member

    Concealment does work in some instances, but you don't really know until it happens. If they are looking for guns, jewelry, cash, etc., there won't be anything left unturned, knocked off the walls, or dumped on the floor. Theives count on us just hiding things and they look at all the obvious places. Now, if you get lucky and they just want the electronics or they are in a hurry then hiding your guns will probably work fine. The dilemma is you won't get a chance to find out until afterwards. A combination of concealment and security is always good.
  13. In my experience doing investigations thieves don't normally disturb clocks on the wall. I would say the chances of that are extremely low. Pictures and frames are a different story.
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    Nukinfuts, Truer words were never spoken. My suggestion is INSURANCE INSURANCE INSURANCE!!!

    I hate thieves but if they break in while I am away and take my stuff then I get new stuff. If they break in at night I reach for the night stand and I get new carpet. I love insurance.

    You need to take a deep breath and remember why you have the glock in the first place. It can be easily replaced, you not so much. Just hide the thing when you are gone and use the safe money for insurance.
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    Welcome klf.
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    Welcome to the Forum Klf! I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    Rickjames!! Long time no see..
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    I have a GunVault and love it!