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An extensive list of holster companies that I've collected and posted on a different (unrelated) forum. I tried to make sure and get all of the Glock Forum Vendors that make holsters in here as well. If I happened to miss someone let me know.

Also, feel free to add others or your own if I missed any.

3 Speed Holster
4 Corners Concealment (A Sponsor on this Forum) Check Sponsors
5 Shot Leather
Alessi Holsters
Aker Leather
Alfonso’s Gunleather
Andrews Leather
Bandera Gunleather
Bell Charter Oak Holsters
Belly Band Holsters
Black Hills Leather
Blade Tech
Brigade Gunleather
Brommeland Gunleather
Buy Brown Holster

Center of Mass Holsters
AKJ Concealco
Condors Flight
Coronado Leather
Cross Breed Holsters
CR Speed
C Rusty Sherrick Leather Works
Defensive Holsters
Del Fatti
De Santis
D.M. Bullard Leather
Don Hume
Eagle Industries
Edge Custom, Inc.
El Paso Saddlery
Fin Designs
Fobus Holsters
FOG Holsters
Forest City Tactical
Fox Holsters
Garrity's GunLeather
Garrett Industries
Ghost International
Gould and Goodrich Holsters
Gradfather Oak Custom Carry
Grassburr Leather Works, Inc
Gum Creek (Vehicle Holster)
HBE Leatherworks
Hideous Holsters
High Noon
High Threat Concealment
Hillsman Holster
Holster Heaven
Jagwear Concealment Holsters
K&D Holsters
Kangaroo Carry
Kirkpatrick Leather
K.L Null Holsters
Kramer Leather
Leather Creek Holsters
Lightning Arms Sports
Master of Concealment Not just holsters but clothing etc.
Mernickle Holsters
Milt Sparks
Minimal Inside Carry (MIC) Scroll down the page
Mitch Rosen
Multi Holsters
N82 Tactical
Nick Matthews Holsters
Nossar Gun Leather
Pager Pal
Pocket Concealment Systems
Pistol Gear
Pistol Packaging, Inc
Pocket Holsters
Python Holsters
Rafter S Gunleather
Ragsdale Holsters
Ray's Holsters
Raven Concealment Systems
Rick Waltner Holsters
RKBA Holsters
RM Holsters
Ross Leather
Safepacker Concealed Carry Holster
Salty Dog Holsters (A Sponsor on this Forum) Check Sponsors
Security Pro USA
Sharktac Holsters
Side Armor
Simply Rugged Holsters
Special Forces Gear
Stoner Holsters
Strong Holsters
Sunrise Leather
TacPro (Kydex)
Tagua Gun Leather
Talon Tactical (Kydex)
Tauris Holsters
Trojan Tactical
TSC Holsters
Tucker Gun Leather
Kangaroo Holsters
TT Gunleather
UBG Holsters
Vega Holsters
White Hat Holsters
Wild Bills
Vega Holsters

This one is too funny not to mention! It's called
Number2Holster and is designed for when you......well....are going #2:D

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@CCSir...Thanks for posting.

Quite some time ago, I stumbled across a list like this on another forum and found it very useful.

Although, I may have to consider you an enabler given that I am fighting off a holster addiction!

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Would you folks like this thread as a sticky for quick reference?
I had that thought myself sir, I think that's a great idea.

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Thanks...btw, what's a sticky? :confused: :D

Seems like a good idea...
A sticky is a thread that is "stuck" at the top of the thread list in a forum so members can always find it easily. :)

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Added some more this morning. I went through all the holster threads and pulled out ones that weren't listed already. Enjoy!
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