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  1. Anyone using Fedora 16? I'm loving it. I have been on Ubuntu for years (grew up on old school Red Hat and Slackware) and made the switch over the F16 a bit ago. It's everything Ubuntu USED to be and then some.
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    I guess I'm TOO country! WHAT are you talking about??

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    Thanks for the link! I'm not computer savvy so its all WAY over my head lol!! So I will quietly bow out of this thread.....
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    Been using Sabayon Linux and PCBSD w/ XFCE here. Tried the alpha for Fedora 17 recently but thought BTRFS was going to be standard so waiting till 18 to try it again.
  5. I have never tried Sabayon. I did play around with Mint recently for my girls netbook
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    What is it with IT geeks and guns? :D

    MCSE here.
  7. I dunno, maybe we have hidden complexes
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    IT manager here!!! It is all about risk management right? We know the urgency of backup we learn it the hard way!
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    Hahaha!! You got that right!

    When was your first server crash, and how did you recover?
  10. Ugh lets not even talk about data loss. Sore subject lol
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    Fedora is nice, but I still prefer Kubuntu. I'm a KDE kinda guy. Fedora says you can run KDE, but it still looks like Gnome, so I don't like it for a desktop. I do like it for a server, but my only present server is a Mac.

    I really miss my SuSE. Novell has done nice things with it since they bought it, but I miss how well it worked and how nicely it all came together. I still have a few customers that are using a SuSE client/server setup I did back in the day.

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    You mean, Welcome to the late 90s. Ha. Running on Solaris here.
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  13. No I mean future, the awareness of Linux and the number of users has been steadily increasing for years now.

    KDE is ok, but I'm a Gnome guy. Gnome3 has taken some adjustment.
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    In my case, too much. I know it's a powerful interface, but I just don't care for it.
  15. The big differences for me:

    Ctrl + Del to delete. I'm not an idiot, i don't need safety features. If i did i would use windows. As sheldon from big bang theory says "Windows 7 is more user friendly than Vista......I don't like that."

    No "System" up by App and Places
  16. Question for my fellow nerds

    I have a netbook that we no longer use running on Ubuntu. It is an asus eee....something. Anyway is it possible to use this to extend the range of a connection? I want to log it onto my home network in the basement and then broadcast a signal for my other laptop to grab onto.

    I cannot plug it in via cable because my routers ethernet ports dont work. I'm too cheap to replace it.
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    We run primarily redhat and AIX some Solaris and wintel. First data loss tape and it sucked!!!!! Now we are using DATAdomain to ship files to dr site we do still have tape libs TSM....
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    I have an older version of Ubuntu on my HP laptop. I have never used any other distro except the pendrive version so I could take it with me wherever I went. I will have to check out Fedora. I have a Mac, and I use Ubuntu on my HP. Only when completely necessary do I use Windows haha. The reason I have not used any other distro is because it took countless hours getting my wireless card to work on Ubuntu haha. I guess I'm just being lazy.
  19. Broadcoms and kernel upgrades never mix. upgrading to 3.3 knocked mine out for a bit.