Links to FAQ on Glock handguns

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    Thanks, this is better than the one that comes with the gun.

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    Thanks for the documents
  3. Good info, Thanks.....

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  4. can you use other mags in the glock 43 by it being single stack, for instance can I use a 10 rd.mag in the 43
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    Can you start a thread on the Glock 32
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    Nope. Only the ones made specifically for the 43.
  7. They do have extensions you can get for your mags. A plus one & a plus 2 this allows you to have 7 or 8 rounds in your mag & 1 in the chamber
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    I bought the Pierce +1 extensions for my two mags, installed them. Took them to the range loaded 7 rounds in each, fired and repeated 6 times with no issues. Bought two more mags and two more Pierce +1 extensions. Yesterday we took all four mags to the range and fired over 100 rounds, again no issues. I like the size of the +1's because they didn't appear any longer than the factory extended mag. They fit my hand perfectly.
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    Nice. Thanks.