Like new Ruger LCP with two Holsters!

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by GOMAB92, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. GOMAB92

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    $330! Only used once "6 ROUNDS"

    Like new Ruger LCP with iTAC paddle holster & mag pouch and "The Nemesis" inside the pocket holster! avoid the sales tax!!

    I have the Glock 36, so I have no need for the Ruger. Chattanooga Area ONLY! $330!! SALE Only




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    Welcome to the Glock Forum GOMAB92 !!

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    PM here for more info!
  4. If you're willing to go lower we'll talk.
  5. Glocked

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  6. GOMAB92

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    I paid over $30 for the paddle holster and the inside the pocket holster is Brand new. And like I said the Ruger has had only 6 rounds fired through it.
  7. GOMAB92

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    @ Glocked, with tax and the $10 background check that $329 price goes to $370! With this deal you're getting over $50 worth of holsters tax free.
  8. GOMAB92

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    I hear you, but I've made my case on the two holsters, sales tax and $10 background fee. That $329 is really $370 and you still don't have a holster. Plus a laser on a "pocket" pistol is for show, if someone walks up on you to rob you, you're not going to pull it out to turn on a laser! You're going to pull it out and start blasting.

    Ask any salesmen at shooters depot. Lasers are for show. Good luck trying to hit center mass past 15 feet. With a Ruger, that's a "up close in the gut weapon"
  9. It's okay dude. I have a LCP already. Was just interested in another. Good luck with your sale.