Up for sale is a like new Anarchy Outdoors Precision Rifle Grip. This grip will fit any milspec AR lower or chassis rifle that uses a AR style grip. I had this on my PRS rifle but changed to a different grip. The grip is in prefect shape and looks brand new. Asking $15 shipped. PayPal F&F preferred. Ships from eastern Tennessee.

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Penguin Precision Rifle Grip
A former 3rd Ranger Battalion special operations soldier and several federal law enforcement agents methodically developed the Anarchy Outdoors Precision Rifle Grip: Penguin. The unique design of this grip gives Precision Rifle Competitors an edge. This rifle grip offers quick, repeatable, and ergonomic action on the gun.

The Penguin's design allows for true-thumb rest positioning while allowing the index finger to align with the trigger. This development reduces shooter fatigue.

The palm swell allows for greater control and manipulation of the firearm while the palm shelf allows the shooter to rest their hand or instantly transition. The Penguin grip can be used on precision bolt action or precision AR-Style rifles

Features & Benefits
  • AR-style Grip works on any chassis or AR-style precision rifle with a 45° safety selector
  • Unique shelf designs allows direct alignment of the index finger and thumb
  • Flat grip with a true-thumb rest
  • Minimizes fatigue for shooting comfort during long hours of competition or load workups
  • Grip geometry allows for unparalleled speed in situating your rifle for awkward shooting positions
  • Unique profile with AO logo and font allowing positive grip control for your rifle
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. by military veterans*