Light options for compacts

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  1. Seawolf

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    I'm looking to add a tac light to my Gen4 G23, but I want to find something affordable with good lumens and compact. I have a TLR1s on my 1911, but it's too big for my taste on my G23.

    I looked at the viridian stuff and I like the size, but I don't need a laser and a light, just the light and I can't afford $350.
    I would like to keep it below $150 if I can and as small as I can.

    Suggestions please
  2. Seawolf

    Seawolf New Member

    Ok nevermind I just saw the Crimson Trace Lightguard thread and that looks like just what I'm looking for. Price looks good too.


  3. If the light guard only had more lumens I would consider it. I do love how small and thin it is compared to TLR's.
  4. Damn it... Thats exactly what I want but I need one that doesnt mount on the rail. Gen 3 27 style.
  5. Glocked

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    Before I ever had a glock I kept a Taurus PT809. I still have it and love it.
  6. Glocked

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    I hit send accidentally. I was trying long to point out my light. It's an inexpensive NCStar. 110 lumens I think. I shoot with it on the weapon at the range. I think you should practice with what you carry including lights, and ammo.

  7. leb686

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    I love my light guard, wish it had the strobe feature like the Viridian.