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I'm sure this has been asked before, but is there a good lifting or exercise regimen that would be applicable to the muscles used in shooting?

I was just wondering because I try to tie my exercise into the other things I do including hunting and fishing.

I'd be glad to hear any input the members here have!
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Glockwood is correct. If you can get a foot long section of shovel handle, closet rod, or dowel stock, drill a hole through it, then pass some heavy cordage through the hole & knot it, you've made a handle you can wind on. Then, depending on what you choose to use for a weight, ie... bench weight, concrete block, clorox jug, etc.. you can make an appropriate retention provision on the running end of your cordage. Simply tying it off to the handle of a bleach jug filled with water is a favorite of mine. If you extend your arms straight out, and roll the handle till you winch the jug from the floor to your hands, then winch it back down, that will build up your wrists, forearms, and shoulders. It will get really heavy fast. Might even want to pour out some water to begin with.

One of the most devilishly difficult exercises is one our Marine Corps Drill Instructors used to love to dispense. They simply called it "Rifle Exercise". They made us extend our arms straight ahead, palms down, and just placed our M16-A1 rifles on the backs of our hands. The rifle only weighs a little over 6 lbs. But keeping your arms elevated straight out for 30 minutes or so can be quite difficult. Dropping the rifle was entirely out of the question of course, so you found ways to endure. Having your cardio vascular system in good shape is very helpful too.
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Thanks for all of the advice!

Just had a hernia surgery last month, so the squats and dead-lifts are out of the question at the moment, but I can definitely work on forearm exercises right now.

@SW- I used one of those in a weight training class I took in high school. Oh it burned, but it certainly did help. I generally did it with a 10 pound barbell.
Fond memories. Hope the Hernia surgery heals up soon, and your returned to good health. You'll be limited in your exercise protocols till then of course.
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