Life In Prison for Armed Self Defense

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by dwcfastrice, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Wow.....all I can say is God Bless America! This can never be allowed to happen here in the states.

  3. g21redman

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    Good lord I had no idea things where so messed up over there. Great link! Thanks for posting.
  4. And if somehow the current UN Small Arms Treaty negotiations that are going on RIGHT now in DC go through.......we could be looking at the same thing in years to come.
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    Thank God I don't live in Britain.
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    If we do not take a stand on ATT, we will be in the same pile of crap that they are in.:mad::mad::mad:

    Now do you wonder why the pilgrims left? I refuse to be a willing victim.
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    Well the UN Arms Trade Treaty negotiations are going on in the great state New York, which isn't so different from our wonderful nations capital :D
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    Doesn't adherence to the treaty have to be ratified by congress? If so, will the current congress ratify it?

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    The ATT can be enforced if accepted during the lame duck session. We would have to wait until the Senate comes back and votes on ratification or the Pres denounces it. Which we all know will not happen with the Great BO in office and Queen Hillary on her soap box.
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    How's it to be enforced?

    Sovereign nations have the right to determine their own internal policies. Who's going to come in and enforce it?

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    That story reads a lot like the Zimmerman case with all the media spin.
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    We probably won't get UN help in times of 'war'... oh, wait, that's happened a lot here lately.. wonder what treaty we never ratified??
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    interesting how the article fails to mention that Tony martin shot the burglar in the back as he was running away.