LH NW Retention Systems Sidecar Style Glock 19

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    I ordered this from NW Retention Systems and it ran me $122 shipped. I love carrying AIWB, I just can't get used to having the magazine sidecar attached so I have gone to a standard AIWB and separate mag carrier. It is like new with no marks. This is for the compact and sub-compact 9/40/357 frames. It has the concealment claws, cut for red dot, and will accommodate suppressor height sights. The clips are adjustable and tuckable. Adjustable retention and there is a positive "click" when the gun is holstered. It is very comfortable and has a flexible piece between the holster and magazine like the Tier 1 Concealed Agis.

    $85 shipped. I will take PP friends and family, money order, or check. Money order and check have to clear before I ship.

    ***GUN AND MAGAZINE IN PICTURE NOT INCLUDED*** 20200313_154324.jpg
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