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  1. Anyone know of something like this for students? I don't expect it to be free, but I'm not paying out the nose either. Free would be great, but the free resources for Florida are about useless.
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    You just looking for a digital legal library? Do you need specific search functions or just access to all the laws? For Florida?


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    I have student access through my school…

    Costs a pretty penny…
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    If you just need statutes use the state general assembly website.

    If you need access to case law and such try these, they are cheaper than lexis nexis or westlaw/

  5. I need to find case examples where outcomes and judgments favor our argument. I basically need to give it an idea what i need and sort through the results. A team member is now on probation (non-reporting, misdemeanor) which means orange county prevents him from having guns while on probation. They do have an exemption clause though, and we are motioning for it. I need to find a bunch of examples where judges in FL, orange coutny if possible, awarded the exception.

    If I can find this judge awarding it even better.
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    LN has a student product. It is at a reduced yearly rate.
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    Man, that sounds like you need a good friend who's an attorney :eek:

    Seriously though, sorry, that's far beyond my scope of knowledge. I'm only up on how to search criminal law and criminal case law.
  8. It's a simple thing and we have someone who handles motions I'm just helping him with the research. He hasn't lost yet but it never hurts to help him.