Lever Action Photo Thread

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    Here's a thread for posting photos of your lever action rifles and carbines...

    My lever action carbine is a Winchester Model 1894 chambered for the .30WCF cartridge. She was manufactured in 1977 and is a top eject model.


    The Winchester Model 1894 was the first commercial repeating rifle built to be used with smokeless powder. The 1894 was originally chambered to fire 2 metallic black powder cartidges, the .32-40 Winchester and .38-55 Winchester. In 1895 Winchester went to a different steel composition for rifle manufacturing that could handle higher pressure rounds and offered the rifle in .25-35 Winchester and .30-30 Winchester. The .30-30 Winchester, or .30WCF (Winchester Centerfire), is the cartridge that has become synonymous with the Model 1894.