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Leupold mark AR 3-9x40 vrs leupold rifleman 4-12x40

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Why is the Mark AR 3-9x40 more expensive than the rifleman 4-12x40, if the rifleman has more magnification? They both are well made and are good quality scope...
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Is it just because the Mark AR is tactical and the other one is more for hunting? Even though you can see better with the rifleman at long range, I don't get it?
I was wrong, I contacted Leupold costumer service and they explained that the glasses for the Mark AR are much better quality than the Rifleman. Well I got my Mark AR today and so far I can't be more exited and happy with the choice I made. I had no idea of how crispy clear HD an scope could be!! The best scope I have ever used!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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