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    I have been fishing since a little boy.here in Chicago the lake perch,coho,king salmon,steelhead and lake trout are still abundant. Heck of a fishery.I would go out with my dad and net smelt on the lakefront and it was a big party among outdoorsman. Smelt are extinct here now.I was going up to northern WI and MN from the age of 16 yo with my buddies.I go on about 6-8 trips a year with a few guys i haved fished with for 30 years or more on open water and ice.primary species are walleye and lake perch.our annual ice trip to lake of the woods MN at arnesens resort rocky point is coming up that we have taken for 15 years.been gone to lake Erie every year at least once a year for 25 years and what a walleye factory.ok,sorry to be longwinded .not long ago i got back from denver where my youngest daughter lives catching wild rainbows 12000 ft up on a wait for it,dare devil spoon..I know you guys are from everywhere and maybe I can get some ideas for the next trip.
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    Hello fellow fisherman,
    I live on Grand Lake of the Cherokees in the Northeastern corner of OKlahoma.
    It’s the second largest lake in the state but by far the prettiest. We have an abundance of game fish. I have been coming here since I was a kid and decided to move here 6 years ago part time and we are mostly here full time now.
    We mainly fish for Large mouth bass, crappie, white bass, strippers and catfish but also have lots of spoonbill and hybrids.
    We have fishing tournaments here about every weekend from spring to late fall.
    There’s nothing better than lake life.
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    Sorry, never fished for trout. It is probably a blast. But, I can always talk fishing. Nothing a s elegant as you describe, mostly catfish and crappie for me. I do have a nephew that guides on Erie, IIRC, I know he fishes it a lot and has a guide service. He will start his pro bass tournament career this spring. The boy worked his way through college as a guide and seems to do very well at it, so he has a chance to make it in the big leagues, we hope.
    I have heard tell those little spinner lures work on trout, that may be what you are talking about, but you said spoon. Like this.[​IMG]
    One of my favorite spoons comes from here. These catch fiish, but may not be what you are looking for. Dig around this sit, you may find an interest. Good people. https://www.jakeslures.com/product-category/spin-a-lure/
    Good luck
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    Mostly saltwater for me and the target fish is usually Speckled Trout if we stay in the bay, and Red Snapper if we go offshore. I’ve never been on a Tarpon fishing trip, but always wanted to try that.
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    Mostly saltwater inshore fishing for me. Living in South Florida we fish Biscayne Bay, Flamingo, Florida Bay and the Keys, and the occasional trip to Lake Okeechobee.
    I don’t fish as much since I sold the boat. Just a trip here and there on friends’ boats.
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    I know a lot of guys that found out boat ownership is not worth it; especially big boats that can go offshore. Besides the initial cost, you have registration, storage, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, having a vehicle big enough to tow it etc. Had a good friend that sold everything in one package; the boat (twin engine 24 foot Grady White) trailer, truck, tackle, gear and said it was a load off his mind. It’s cheaper to pay $300.00 bucks a person for a private charter when you want to go fishing and not have all the headaches. If you don’t actually live on the water it is hard to justify all the expense unless you just have money to burn.
  7. Greywood

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    BOAT...really means....Break Out Another Thousand!
    I've had a boat and it was definitely not worth it.
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    I like to fish for Kokanee salmon here. They are a landlocked salmon that are very good to eat. The ones we keep are anywhere between 12 and 15 inches long. The limit is 25 a day. We troll slow for them with spoons. I like my boat for this. Not a very elaborate boat but it’s been paid for for along time so I’ll just keep it. 2F634360-5A47-4BA3-8734-A7E22DEE598E.jpeg In the winter we do ice fish on the lakes. Northern Pike and Yellow Perch are abundant here. Very tasty to eat also. I have been to Cabo fishing and Vancouver Island. I liked It up North more and will hopefully be able to go to Alaska and fish some day. ACCAB185-4954-4CD3-832C-0BC7EDE0193F.jpeg
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    I bought a salty with a 9.9 motor to trout fish with the kids years back.
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    Not knowing anything about bass I beat the state record for small mouth unofficially in 10 minutes. Didn’t know to have them properly weighed, lol! I think it’s since been best officially.
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  12. Lucian_253

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    2x in 10 minutes. The other is hanging at a local fishing store.
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  13. Lucian_253

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  14. TheKraken

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    That is a nice on Lucian. Congrats.
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    58831523_10217116128687381_2655942350609580032_n.jpg 2lb 4oz Crappie

    20170811_184252.jpg 6lb 5oz White Bass

    118934138_10221393499778985_1136408213196394717_n.jpg 3 pound large mouth bass

    119127209_10221393499098968_7282032037544751167_n.jpg 2lb 2oz large mouth bass

    5 1/2 pound large mouth bass

    6lb 5oz large mouth bass

    I love fishing and living on the lake. Nothing better.
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    I fished a lot when I was a youngster. There was a large pond within walking distance of my house that had lots of fish. I mostly bank fished as I didn't have access to a boat. I never caught anything really big but caught a lot of fish and had a heck of a lot of fun. Haven't been fishing in quite a while.
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    My grandpa really liked to eat fish. When I was a kid I kept him pretty well supplied with bass, bluegills and shell crackers. I would occasionally get a good sized catfish, his favorite. I even gave him a batch of frog legs once.
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    We have at least a couple of really good fish fries a year.
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