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My EDC – 01/22/2015

After seeing scores of pictures and videos around the interwebs showing pictures of 'regular' EDC items, I have to laugh and wonder what most of those people do for a living. Whether flipping burgers or working in an office, most of the bench dumps would require either heavy-duty cargo pants or a backpack to be worn all day!

I'm no one special. I am fortunate enough to not live in a combat zone; not have to be overly worried about urban evils in my every day, small town life. That being said, I am aware enough to realize bad things can happen anytime, anywhere, so I do carry items that have proven to be very useful in times of need. Now that I am able to officially CCW, I've added my G23 and thought it time to evaluate what gets dumped on my bench at the end of every day.

I realize there are a lot of things that can go wrong that I'm not prepared for with this bench dump, but I've made it through 44 years without most of this stuff, so here's hoping the items I do carry get me through the next 44...and perhaps beyond. :)

G23 - Hope to be adding another Glock for summer rotation.
Galco King Tuk IWB Holster - Picked up from a fellow forum member.
Keys - Just the keys needed…home, office, vehicle.
Timex Expedition - Knowing the value of time is important.
iPhone - Because it's necessary...unfortunately.
Lighter - I don't smoke cigarettes, but enjoy a very occasional cigar...and instant fire comes in handy.
Ink Pen - Quality Pens...another addiction of mine.
Blistex - My bride appreciates a softer kiss, and I appreciate my bride.
Paracord Bracelet - Thin Blue Line, I made it to show support of my law enforcement friends and family.
Reading Glasses - Just because I've tipped that age.
LED Flashlight - For those times my reading glasses need a little extra boost.
USB Thumb Drive - On homemade paracord key's harder for someone else to lay claim to it with the customization.
RFID Protected Wallet - Because electronic criminals are dangerous too.
Kershaw 1555TI - Used almost as much as my wallet. A real nice addition.

That’s it. Adding anything else and I just might have to find a pair of ‘business’ cargo pants to match my suit coat.

Let’s SEE what’cha got in your EDC.


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G26, Fenix light, Kershaw 1760DAM, Gerber Dime, pepper spray, inhaler, money clip, change, keys, lighter, kerchief, lip balm, mints and iPhone.
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