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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by commonsense, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. commonsense

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    Wanted to get some thoughts on weapon cleaning and maintenance. I have to admit I am meticulous about cleaning my pistols after every range trip. I usually shoot at least once a month but when I do not I am sure to clean it once a month.

    I've been using Break Free and a grease for the slide instead of oil. What is everyone using and what is your cleaning schedule? Hopefully nobody responds with break cleaner or the dishwasher.
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    Run for cover, here comes the grease vs oil debate. I am currently using Mobil 1 5w20. The reason, I have an extra 5 quarts that will last me a lifetime. I am no lube engineer but I would think the M1 is overkill for anything that happens in a firearm. Glock applies an anti-seize grease at the factory. I think the main thing is anything is better than nothing as long as you use it sparingly. Glocks like it dry. I suspect it is due to the tight tolerances held during manufacture. It is loose where it needs to be and not really tight anywhere. Personally I am pretty anal about cleaning after each firing session. However If I only could clean my glock once a year I wouldn't loose sleep on the reliability thing. On a side note Google up the formula for Ed's red. It is an excellent bore cleaner for fouling that you mix yourself. Most "specialized" firearms lubes and cleaners aren't that special. Consult the MSDS for any one of them and you will find mostly mineral oil and common solvents. No miracle juice to be found. Nice smelling and in a pretty bottle for a premium price. Happy glockin.:D

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    I should clarify I was a 1911 guy for years. I switched to the Glock for magazine capacity and reliability. When I had a 1911 I preferred a grease on the rails and oil for rest of the lubricated areas. I switched to Glock and still prefer the grease to oil on the rails. For me the area that seems to lose lubrication quickest is the rail. IMO grease stays where it is supposed to much longer.
  4. and the issue with that is?
  5. JEDerrick

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    Ballistol. All I use now.
  6. cardguy

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    M-Pro 7 or KG carbon cleaner.
  7. glock19desertranger

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    I use all the Hoppes Elite products, I like them but I want to try ballistol, everything I have read people rave about it. I clean my pistols after every range trip no matter what.
  8. Thesarge

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    I used Ballistol for many years and it is a good product. Switched to Weapon Shield and I look no further for a CLP gun product that really does it all. Bill
  9. yogiboobooranger

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    Have not tried WeaponShield but plan to..currently use Hoppes and BreakFree CLP.
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    Curious about this statement??
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    A while back I emailed the CEO (?) at WeaponShield's parent company asking for a free sample. I had heard they did this. He emailed me right back and said yes. I had it in the mail a few days later. It has a needle applicator for precision and seems to work fine. When what I have is gone, I will buy from them.
  12. zachG23

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    Ballistol all the way now everything in one can :)
  13. yogiboobooranger

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    Thanks for the heads up

    I will give it a shot..nothing like free samples..Thanks!!
  14. GunnerGSP

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    I figured if I don't ask, they can't say yes.
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    Sorry I work nights and just rolled out of bed. The problem with brake cleaners is if you aren't careful they can damage the polymer frame. Also during Glock Armorers school the rep advised to not use it because they can also effect the finish of the slide internals i.e. trigger bar,

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Isnt break cleaner is almost 100% alcohol... I don't see how it would hurt, nor have I seen it hurt my glock at all... I soak mine in the sink with hot water and dish soap, it gets scrubbed with a brush, boresnake with hoppes, and then rinsed. Then it gets a spraydown with break cleaner to remove any soap residue. Then a very light oil with hoppes.
  17. Me too. Simple and easy.
  18. commonsense

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    Take a look at the MSDS for most brake cleaners. To say it simply contains alcohol is an understatement. It also contains other properties that are suspected of being carcinogens.

    Brake cleaner does an excellent job or breaking down grease and grime. Bottom line is I'm not saying brake cleaner cannot clean your Glock. It will do too good of a job cleaning your pistol and can perhaps lead to longer term problems with continued use.

    If a Glock rep tells me not to use brake cleaner because it can eventually lead to frame weakening and affect the finish of the slide internals I'm not going to use it.

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  19. I strip and clean my G26 after every range trip. After hitting the 1000 round mark, I disassembled the internals of the slide after watching Hickok45 and did a thorough cleaning. I removed the trigger housing about a month ago to install a Ghost 3.5 Ultimate connector, so I cleaned it as well. I guess that may be a little overkill, but I'm really anal about my gun being clean! However, I use very little oil. Just 3 or 4 drops where it counts. Some people go crazy with the oil, but over oiling will actually attract dust and grime. Works flawlessly every time! So simple and easy to work on and clean!

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    And Powder Blast (a dedicated firearm cleaner) has a warning saying that it will damage plastic and may damage finishes...


    I have yet to hear on anyone damaging their glock by using break cleaner... I don't soak it in any powerful solvents... And I don't clean it that often anyway.