Lessons Learned from GZ; what would you do differently

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    I like the pairs idea. If possible, call/text the on-duty watch person your situation (can be done while on the phone with a dispatcher).

    Put the dispatcher on speaker.

    Stay on the phone with the dispatcher until a LEO shows up.

    Let the person you're following know you're on the phone with the police.

    I have a tactical wak or an 18" Teflon rod I can carry (both in my car). Either would be useful as a deterrent to physical escalation. Use a flashlight.
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    Have a film crew follow you everywhere.

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    You shouldn't have to be part of a Neighborhood Watch program to talk with someone you do not recognize in your neighborhood. A lot of it has to do with people skills that many of us lack. So if you're not comfortable asking someone where they live in your neighborhood, get on your cell to the police and ask for assistance. It's not necessary to have an eye on the person the whole time, if the police arrive and can't find them, better luck next time. If there is a next time, if it was someone casing the neighborhood, neighbors being vigilant and watching out for each other will probably make them seek easier victims. Remember they are lazy cowards who would rather take from people who work hard for a living than actually get a job.

    My personal belief, as someone who carries deadly force, I have an obligation to defuse a situation rather than put myself in a position where I have to use deadly force.
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    Does anyone have an story to relate regarding the Preclusion component, i.e., defuse the situation, of Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy + Preclusion?
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    Not sure if this applies but years ago before I started CCW I worked for CellularOne. Cell phones were new and I had three on me at any given time. While driving home one evening my girlfriend (now wife) and I saw a couple on the side of the road arguing. I could see the man was in the woman's face and was seconds from hitting her. I pulled over, opened the driver's side door showing him my Motorola Brick phone I told him all I had to do was hold the "9" button to dial 911 and get the cops there. He deflated and took a few steps back from the woman. I asked her if she wanted me to call the police, she said no. I asked if she wanted a ride anywhere and she said she'd be okay, so reluctantly I said okay and drove away. I don't know what would have happened and I don't know what happened after I left. I did not use foul language, not that I have virgin ears, but I was simply trying to defuse the situation. I hope everything worked out for both of them.

    I'm not a small person, at 6'1" and 230 pounds (of which 30 I could lose and wouldn't miss). I have little doubt the way I carry myself would keep most lazy cowards from approaching me. As I've said before they are cowards who choose to prey on those they perceive to be weaker or smaller than they are. We all have other tools we can use to defuse a situation, cell phones are everywhere. Sometime just letting someone know you're going to call the cops may be the thing to take the winds out of their sails. Of course a firearm trumps a cell phone everyday of the week and I'd never pull my cell phone if someone were pointing a gun at me. I carry now because as someone on this forum’s Avatar says, "I'm too young to die and too old to take an ass whooping".
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    Good example, @SoloScuba. Just enough pressure to tip the scales peaceably.
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    The next chapter...
    This should be interesting.
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    No kidding. The first I have heard this. GZ while innocent of the accusations should realize the families loss of a young son and the system doing what it was supposed to do. He truly is a .
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    The system ultimately did work, but not before making this innocent just about the most hated man in the country. It’s not that charges were brought, it was the presumption of guilt before trial that he is fighting. The family suffered a loss, but they blamed him, and not the young man who attacked him.
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    This story was a while back, and I'll admit to only knowing what the media reported, but I seem to remember the 911 operator advised GZ to stay in his vehicle and observe till the police arrived. To me, GZ caused the escalation when he saw fit to get out and engage, going against the first rule of EDC. If you get into an altercation, there's always a gun involved, yours. Second, I guess I'm surprised by the responses of some here that imply a neighborhood watch has some sort of law enforcement juice over and above observing and reporting. Seems to me, anything more and you're asking for trouble. Before you turn the flamethrowers on me, it's MHO.
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    Donn respect your opinion but in my experience dispatch will always tell you to stay back and try to have persons involved avoid contact.
    I also think Zimmerman was trying to keep eyes on the suspect rather than trying to apprehend. The kid confronted Zimmerman. Regardless, if Martin didn’t attack Zimmerman the gun would never have come into play.
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    Someone once told me “don’t do anything while carrying a gun that you wouldn’t do while not carrying a gun.” I’ve always wondered if GZ would have followed TM if he was unarmed.
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    Conflicted but nice to see some blowback towards pandering politicians exploiting and promoting lies.
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    Yep...Pete & Liz Shoot first & then ask questions later...:mad:
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    And Obozo had a son? Bwahaha!
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