Less accurate with carry ammo vs. range ammo?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by 1.4G, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Finally made the leap to a Gen4 Glock 19 after having only carried .38 and .357 mag my whole life. Great gun, no major issues (other than with PMC ammo) and I'm generally more accurate with it than the revolvers.

    Only thing I've noticed (and I don't know if this is just due to lack of experience with this particular gun), but it seems when I'm shooting Gold Dot 124gr, I'm much less accurate than when I'm shooting the range ammo, usually American Eagle 115gr.

    With the American Eagle, I can shoot tight groups all day, but when I switch to a magazine of the Gold Dot, there are shots hitting considerably outside the group. Not always in the same direction either. There isn't much difference in recoil between the two rounds (the lack of recoil with this gun is something I actually had to adjust to), so I'm not doing anything much different as far as technique.

    Has anyone else experienced this, or is it all in my head? ... also, I'm curious what most people carry in their Glock 19's. I carry Gold Dot in my .38, so that's just what I grabbed for the Glock ...Thanks
  2. i think it's all in your head. more trigger time required. striker fire weapons are a completely different animal than what you're used to.

    A lot of people use Hornaday Critical Defense, but there are many other great self defense rounds.

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    Is it me or does the 9mm glocks not like pmc ammo. I ran all kinds of ammo thro my glocks n like a fat kid, it ate everything...

    I carry hornadys, pdx1s, and gold dots...
  4. PMC is definitely the weakest of the bunch. I've shot a fair amount of it w/o failure but did notice on one of the gen4's{before i sent it back to glock} that the PMC was barely clearing the weapon when ejected. I havn't shot any with the newer ejector Glock is now installing in the Gen4's.
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    I sent mine back for the new ejector. I previously had several failure to ejects with PMC out of only 100 rounds fired. I haven't tried PMC with the new ejector but I have noticed the casings now ejecting in a more uniform line with the new ejector. Had quite a few hit me on the head with the old one. Rarely happens now.
  6. You should be accurate regardless of ammo. The gun shoots straight, the shooter don't
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    My groups tighten up just a tad with my Hornady Critical Defense in both the G19c and the G36. I use Winchester white box on the range.
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    I was just about to say the same thing. I'd say, its all in the OP's head too. I run the 124 JHP Golden Saber and 124 JHP Speer Gold Dots for my personal defense round. I have no difference in my accuracy with those rounds vs. my target 115 reloaded rounds - I do feel a difference in my wallet though...:rolleyes:

    Do the ole switch-a-roo test. Your Gen4 comes with 3 mags. Put 5 rounds of target ammo in one mag. 5 rounds of defense ammo in the second mag. And put 5 rounds of mixed in the last mag.

    Mix up the mags and try your best to run through the mags w/o knowing which rounds you are shooting. It helps to have a shooting partner assist you.

    Run that battery of tests for 3-4 rounds - and you'll most likely find no difference. I'm thinking you're developing a flinch with the 124gr bullets, waiting for the "perceived" extra recoil!

    Hope this helps!
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    Different bullet weights can have different points of impact out of the same gun. If you're going to carry 124gr HPs, then try practicing with 124gr FMJ. I always try to match my practice rounds as closely as possible to my carry rounds, in bullet weight and muzzle velocity.
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    ^^^ What he said ^^^
  11. M22

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    exactly! 115gr 124gr 147gr will all have different points of impact out of the same gun. I found this true in my Sr9c, 92fs, and g22 conversion. You gotta practice with what you carry. I also found 147gr Hydra Shocks group tighter than 147gr TAP (this was true for the 92fs). Try a couple different brands to see how your firearm groups with 'em.
  12. BigDogg795

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    Quoted for truth...
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    Great advise here, try to keep everything as close to your carry ammo as is possible with your carry gun. Though while a gun is too new to be a carry gun, I mix several different loads and brands and run them to see if any issues come up. Starting with a full mag of each type/brand, I also mark my mags to make sure they all feed the same. If everything goes well to this point then I will mix ammo in each mag and run them, if no problems then I start looking at what I like best ( read most accurate with ) and what I feel most confident with.

    So far I have had no issues with my Glocks, I have had a issue with Cor-Bon in another gun and feel it is due to the chamfer on the casing and the extractor not seeing eye to eye. I switched to Speer Gold Dot and Hornady C/D in this gun and have had zero issues with either one.
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    Oh yeah, for the first 500 rounds or so, I feed it whatever I have on hand. Once I settle on my carry ammo and proved it out, then I match my practice ammo to it.
  15. troll

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    It may be expensive, but you should shoot(until you are happy with it's performance) what you would normally carry for self defense, to make sure your gun has no problems with it. That's just me, having piece of mind knowing it works for sure!
  16. GlockSamurai

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    I use hornady critical duty 135gr +p it's been very good reliability wise and accuracy wise. I don't like the critical defense because it failed to meet FBI standards due to under penetration because its loaded light
  17. Leper

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    I prefer my practice ammo to be the ballistic equivalant of my duty load but that doesn't seem possible for my 19 and 17C. My duty load is Winchester Ranger T series 127 grain +P+. The closest I can find in practice is Aquila 124 grain FMJ. I'll say my 19 is amazingly accurate with either. If you are having an issue maybe try a different load. I've not tried 9mm Gold Dots.
  18. Kmurray96

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    Try Win. 9MM 124gr NATO.
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    i use WWB FMJ 180 GR. at the range and sometimes WWB JHP 180 GR. "i carry the JHP", and can not tell one from the other on paper.
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    I can't remember where I read this. Hollow points break the air different because of the fact it is hollow. A full metal jacket doesn't have the wind pushing in side it's hollow point. However it seems other say they think it's you, so maybe what I read is BS.

    Try honardy cretical defense Or duty rounds then see if your accuracy comes back. They have a better designed nose in their round in my opinion.
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