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Third outing with the latest Gen4.....the 17.

First two outing of 500 rounds each produced a couple of FTE's both times along with erratic ejections. After the first two outings I had Glock send me the new ejector. Today's outing of 600 went flawless and ejecting as it should. Plan on putting another 600 through it in the morning.

We also sent 500 45acp through my buddies brand new $1900 Les Bear Custom Carry 1911. Man was that gun tight as hell out of the box. You almost couldn't rack the slide because the lock up was so tight. Before it was shot about the only way I could get it out of lock up was to palm the muzzle but what an awesome gun. It ran absolutely flawless. We ran 300 rounds of factory loads before trying his personal reloads. Not one single hick up.

His brother also brought out his brand new Ruger SSR-556{AR} for a few rounds to break in the barrel. I must say, as an out of the box mil-spec AR the SSR is a very nice weapon that comes with several goodies straight from Ruger. Factory Gas Piston, Ruger labeled Troy Industries flip up sights, full rail and a Mag-pul stock. A little heavier as is than most AR's but for out of the box's there.
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