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  1. I know most of you are probably like me and not interested in giving out specific locations, but I am interested in where we are all located at and working or retired from...again, geographically not necessarily an exact location. I have worked for two different municipalities in SC, in the upstate specifically, and left the last as the training Sergeant. This week I started working with an upstate Sheriff's department and thus far am loving it.

    Thank you to all who have worked/retired and to those still working to give everyone a safe community!
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    I worked full time for a couple different city PDs in central Illinois from '99 to '03. Went to work for the state in '03. Currently I'm a Sergeant supervising Investigators for 20 counties.

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    Senior Correction Officer with the NJDOC, 24 years with 362 days left to go.

    Started at Rahway, went to Bayside (Leesburg) for 3 years, came back to Rahway (by then renamed East Jersey).

    One of the 9/11 volunteers, but couldn't work the Forensic site due to existing medical condition.

    Kind of glad now I didn't. Almost to the man (and woman), none came back the same and a scant few will even talk about it.

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  4. In southern Illinois, Parole Agent with 20+ years in Corrections, work a high risk/supervision unit of all sex offenders or GPS ordered offenders.
  5. ncarnage

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    Northern Illinois. Short career with a suburban PD but currently working at a Sheriff's dept as a CO. Enjoying it too.
  6. deputy125

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    26 years.......combined city and county.

    west-central Texas
  7. mcw402

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    17 years in the Texas panhandle.....first 7 with a city.....last 10 with a school district
  8. Trotac

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    Deputy Sheriff, Central AL in a 120'ish man department. Started in patrol back in 2004 and since then I've been an FTO, made the tac team (we are a part time unit), got selected for sniper unit, and eventually made my way over to narcotics (the best job in LE). My latest achievement was making firearms instructor (not a bad gig either). So far I've enjoyed a great career. Nice to "meet" all of you guys.
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    6 months interning with the U.S. Marshals...

    Does that count?
    I'm currently awaiting acceptance to DHS for an internship at FLETC.

    I am third generation LE. I am a III in namesake and a third generation .40 cal glock toter.

    Dad's been a LEO all my life, his dad all his. All in local counties and city.
  10. btenn

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    2 years in North MS
  11. bhale187

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    I used to work part time for the Marshals, they always need someone to babysit fed prisoners going to the hospital, dentist, court dates, etc.

    Got a couple close friends who are deputy marshals and a few more that are on marshal fugitive task forces.

    I would have gone to them in a heartbeat if it werent for the way better pension I will get from the state.
  12. bhale187

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    I worked for them from 1999-2001, I don't recall the title for it though. I sat in a hospitol room several times with prisoners who had surgery. It was $17/hour I think and at the time my full time cop job was only paying $13 an hour so I loved it.

    I got into it by chance really. Another guy I worked with was working for them, he got a call to sit with a guy in Clinton's hospitol who had a boil on his butt lanced and had an infection from it. The guy I worked with couldn't work that night, the Marshals asked him if he knew any local cop that could do it, he gave them my name and I was in.

    I think I did around a half dozen sit with the prisoner gigs over a 1 1/2 to 2 years.

    Around here it's very common for fed prisoners to be housed in the county jails. The jails get good fed money to house them, and the fed doesn't have any cells for all of their prisoners.
  13. c1328chase

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    That's common practice for us most places, except well...DC. Contracts b/t local jails house federal detainees from arrest to transfer to BOP after sentencing. In the meantime, threy're sittin' in a county/municipal jail.
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    Began and ended in North Central FL. Mostly county, but after getting rear ended by a 21 year old on his 4th at fault accident in 6 months (how he had a valid license is beyond me), I had back and neck injuries that forced me out. I finished with the FL Dept of Juvenile Justice, but found that more depressing than anything. As cynical as we can get from going to the same houses for the same domestics, or the same drug offenders, or seeing the same criminals getting out and arresting them again within days, seeing this happen with nothing but kids makes it hard to have much hope for the future.

    In the Navy I was stationed in Orlando, FL; Great Lakes, IL; Jacksonville, FL; Colt's Neck, NJ, Philly, a ship in Leonardo, NJ (part of the Colt's Neck base), then back to the Colt's Neck base.
  15. Sarabian

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    1986-1989 US Army Scout 19D
    1991-1994 US Army Military Police 95B
    1996-Now Reserve Officer with a small town in northern Indiana
  16. Small town SE Oklahoma cop since 2008. Don't get a lot of action but I've gotten small tastes of a lot of major things except some of the major violent crimes. Love every minute of it, except the paycheck... LoL. My granddad was a detective in a bigger city for 20+ years.
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    I am a detention officer sergeant and a currently assigned to the Special Management Unit. This is a fairly recent gig for me. I spent the last four years as a supervisor at the psych unit. I still like my job after 10 years. My wife also works for the same dept.
  18. Wolfgang2000

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    LEO from 1976 to 2001 in S. Louisiana, retired as a Lieutenant from the Baton Rouge PD. Upon retirement moved to Southern Missouri, I dispatched for a few years for the local PD.